Matches played at Whitefield Park, Cambuslang


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
16 August 1890Scottish LeagueCambuslangVale of Leven 8-2-
23 August 1890Scottish LeagueCambuslangRangers2-6-
13 September 1890Scottish LeagueCambuslangSt Mirren3-2-
17 January 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangCowlairs4-0-
28 February 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslang3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-2-
7 March 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangCeltic3-1-
21 March 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangDumbarton2-2-
11 April 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangAbercorn4-5-
2 May 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangHeart of Midlothian2-0-
15 August 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangDumbarton0-2-
29 August 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangSt Mirren1-1-
5 September 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangHeart of Midlothian3-3-
26 September 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangLeith Athletic1-3-
3 October 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangAbercorn0-2-
21 November 1891Scottish LeagueCambuslangVale of Leven1-0-
23 January 1892Scottish LeagueCambuslangClyde3-5-
30 January 1892Scottish LeagueCambuslangCeltic0-4-
27 February 1892Scottish LeagueCambuslangRangers0-6-
9 April 1892Scottish LeagueCambuslang3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers1-1-
30 April 1892Scottish LeagueCambuslangRenton1-1-
2 September 1893Scottish FA Cup preliminary stage 1st roundCambuslangCarrington6-1-
23 September 1893Scottish FA Cup preliminary stage 2nd roundCambuslangPaisley Celtic4-3-
21 October 1893Scottish FA Cup preliminary stage 3rd round replayCambuslangGalston2-2-
4 November 1893Scottish FA Cup preliminary stage 4th roundCambuslangGairdoch7-0-
25 November 1893Scottish FA Cup final stage 1st roundCambuslangEast Stirlingshire3-2-