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Boa noite!

Parabéns pelo conteúdo. Sou jornalista e pesquisador e estou muito contente com o acervo.


Congratulations on the content. I am a journalist and researcher and I am very happy with the collection.

Reply from Steve: thank you!
I came across this website by mistake, but glad I did... Very informative and will definitely be using this again...I love collecting data and facts...thank you

Update from Steve:
Thanks Katrina glad you like the website!

Very good side with many info, I have a question.
In 1947-1948 FA Cup, match between Stockport County and Shrewsbury Town at December 13,
no extra time, why not.

Many greetings from the Netherlands.

Hello Adrie,

Thank you for your kind words about the website.

From my sources, all 3 matches went to extra time. The first game was abandoned after 20 minutes of the extra period of 30 minutes had been played. The information I have found on the internet was that is was abandoned due to "bad light". It was played in the days before floodlights were in place!

I hope that helps.

Thanks & kind regards,

Hello Steve - great work to compile the details of first class non-league matches held at British grounds.
I've just emailed you about another for the Craven Cottage page. This is the World cup qualifying match - northern Ireland 3 - Cyprus held on 9th May 1973. I have the match reports.

Hi Roger - that's great many thanks! Look forward to receiving the information :-) I'll put the information on the website. Thanks once again & kind regards, Steve
Hi Steve. Just wanted to compliment you and your excellent website - outstanding! I love football stats and tables, and the like, a passion that was initially piqued by Shoot magazine's League Ladders and Rothman's Football Yearbook from when I was just 6 years old. It has continued, since. My true footballing love is the FIFA World Cup, but I really like the UFWC as an interesting companion-contrast, and have been following that for almost 20 years. I've only just discovered your website today, whilst looking into the Watney Cup, and I'm delighted to also discover UFCC - fascinating stuff abd I'll be following that, too, now! It would be interesting to see which clubs the UFCC title would have gone had title matches have remained in just English football, but I do like the European path it has taken through numerous countries. This is what is so fascinating about the world of football stats - it has no bounds. I see in another's comments, an Unofficial Champions of Scotland in also underway! Thanks for taking the time to undertake this painstaking research and for sharing the results. It all makes for invaluable reading.

Reply from Steve: thanks Steve for your wonderful comments - truly appreciated as the site has been (and continues to be) a real labour of love as well as a hobby! Really glad that you've enjoyed browsing through too :-)
Hi Steve, I've also been researching the Unofficial Champions of Scotland (UCoS). I'm astonished that our methods are so similar, as to which competitions we have included. We concur very closely across the whole period 1873-1931. Further, I have results that I'm happy with up to early 1954, which I'm very happy to send you. I have tentative results from there to 2022, but they're not ready for publishing, as I'm missing some county and regional cup results, notably the Southern Counties Cup, Renfrewshire Cup, Dewar Shield. I'm currently stuck at 30 Jan 1954 with Queen Of The South, as I know they didn't win the Southern Counties Cup but don't know if they participated and were beaten, or didn't enter. I've tried using your contact form, but it's unclear whether the message was sent. You can find me on Facebook.

Reply from Steve: thanks Peter. Good to hear that we're both on similar lines. Really enjoy the collating of the "unofficial" data over many years now! Thanks for the comments you've left :-)
Hi Steve:

I hope all is well, Just want to say that is one of the best websites I have come across1 I have also dropped you a message :)

Thank you


Reply from Steve Street: thanks Andrew. Your comments are very much appreciated. Glad you've enjoyed browsing through! Kind regards, Steve
Hello, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love what you did and are doing. I have been following UFCC for a few years already, since my club from France Red Star FC played a few games more than 10 years ago. I firstly followed the UFWC, which I also absolutely love, from much back and then I am not sure how but I thought of this, that there must be an unofficial football club championship and I found you and I just geeked on it. You have no idea how many times I have gone to your website to look at other games in the past and how it has been transferred from country to country. I am a Peruvian scientist and football coach that used to live in France for about 6 years, now in Australia. I just hope that this UFCC will go on forever and ever and that I could have the power to live forever just to watch UFCC games. I did wake up at 3, 4, 5 am to watch Hungarian second tier or used to go to the stadium when it as there back in France. I also just wanted to let you know that if you ever need help, I would love to in whatever way I can. I am used to working with large datasets (I used R for programming language in my everyday job and can handle Excel). Anyway, I don't know you and you don't know me but it would just be a pleasure to know you and give a hand. Oh also I just started as a data scout for Stats perform academy on top of coaching a team and my everyday job and waking up from Canberra at whatever time requires to watch football, so it may give you an idea of how football freaky I am. And I just dream of the UFCC ever going to another continent, Australia or South America and why not hit Peru and my beloved team, Sport Boys Association. :)

I tried to send you a DM through Twitter but failed to send because we need to follow each other. :(
Hey Steve, thank you for your commitment to this fun project! Greetings from Leverkusen, home of the current unofficial club champions!