Matches played at White City Stadium, London


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
19th October 1908Olympic Games quater-finalDenmarkFrance 'B'9-02,000
20th October 1908Olympic Games quarter-finalGreat BritainSweden12-12,000
22nd October 1908Olympic Games semi-finalGreat BritainNetherlands4-06,000
22nd October 1908Olympic Games semi-finalDenmarkFrance17-11,000
23rd October 1908Olympic Games bronze medal matchNetherlandsFrance2-01,000
24th October 1908Olympic Games gold medal matchGreat BritainDenmark2-08,000
5th September 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersBournemouth & Bosombe Athletic0-318,938
10th September 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersSwindon Town1-27,646
19th September 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersWatford4-416,497
3rd October 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersBrighton & Hove Albion1-113,813
24th October 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersCoventry City1-112,634
7th November 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersLuton Town3-110,993
21st November 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersNorthampton Town3-212,117
5th December 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersSouthend United2-117,898
19th December 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersThames6-07,397
26th December 1931Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersTorquay United3-124,133
2nd January 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersBrentford1-233,533
9th January 1932FA Cup 3rd roundQueen's Park RangersLeeds United3-141,097
28th January 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersCrystal Palace2-28,369
6th February 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersMansfield Town1-112,079
20th February 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersNorwich City2-29,632
27th February 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersExeter City1-014,418
10th March 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersGillingham7-03,881
26th March 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersCardiff City2-38,324
28th March 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersClapton Orient3-211,533
9th April 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersReading2-06,755
23rd April 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersFulham3-121,572
7th May 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersBristol Rovers2-17,186
27th August 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersBrentford2-324,381
1st September 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersAldershot2-25,998
10th September 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersCrystal Palace2-115,955
24th September 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersWatford2-110,653
8th October 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersReading0-311,250
22nd October 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersCoventry City3-37,612
5th November 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersNorthampton Town1-18,895
19th November 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersSwindon Town4-25,802
1st December 1932FA Cup 1st round replayQueen's Park RangersMerthyr Town5-16,000
3rd December 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersNewport County6-16,514
15th December 1932FA Cup 2nd round replayQueen's Park RangersTorquay United3-17,100
17th December 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersExeter City1-37,485
26th December 1932Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersBrighton & Hove Albion0-19,177
4th January 1933

Floodlit friendly

(see press cuttings below)

Combined Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur & West Ham United XICombined rest of London & Watford XI3-09,500
7th January 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersSouthend United6-15,588
28th January 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersGillingham1-14,169
11th February 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersCardiff City5-15,347
25th February 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersNorwich City2-24,586
11th March 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersBristol City1-16,342
25th March 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersClapton Orient2-15,320
8th April 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersBournemouth & Boscombe Athletic3-14,176
14th April 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersBristol Rovers1-16,683
22nd April 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersLuton Town3-12,837
6th May 1933Division Three (South)Queen's Park RangersTorquay United1-13,079
27th November 1937FA Cup 1st roundCorinthiansSouthend United0-24,000
6th October 1962Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersNotts County0-115,594
22nd October 1962Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersHull City4-118,281
3rd November 1962FA Cup 1st roundQueen's Park RangersNewport County3-212,252
17th November 1962Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersReading3-210,313
24th November 1962FA Cup 2nd roundQueen's Park RangersHinckley Athletic7-213,012
1st December 1962Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersShrewsbury Town0-010,347
22nd December 1962Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersCarlisle United2-29,723
9th February 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersNorthampton Town1-314,238
2nd March 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersBournemouth & Boscombe Athletic1-08,393
16th March 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersBradford Park Avenue1-27,355
30th March 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersBristol City3-15,716
1st April 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersColchester United1-27,688
8th April 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersSouthend United1-07,522
12th April 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersBristol Rovers3-510,169
13th April 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersPort Vale3-15,690
19th April 1963UEFA under-18 youth tournamentEnglandScotland1-021,000
27th April 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersMillwall2-38,583
13th May 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersWatford2-25,052
18th May 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersPeterborough United0-05,977
22nd May 1963Division ThreeQueen's Park RangersCoventry City1-33,261
15th July 1966World Cup finals group stageUruguayFrance2-145,662
5th April 1968British Amateur ChampionshipEnglandScotland0-0450
10th April 1968Olympic qualification third round 2nd legGreat BritainSpain0-02,300
14th October 1980Charity 5-a-side matchWest Ham UnitedArsenaltbctbc



Pictures from the 1908 Olympic Games - the 100m swimming pool is within the central grassed area on the right-hand side (top picture) and the left-hand side (bottom picture). The whole stadium was going to be demolished at the end of 1908 when the Franco-British Exhibition ended but was saved as athletes liked th ground so much.


Note the 2 different tracks around the outside of the central area: a concrete cycling track, then a cinder athletics track.


For the Olympics, the cnetral grassed area was used for the athletic field events plus archery, gymnastics, wrestling, football, hockey, lacrosse and rugby union. There was also a demonstration of bicycle polo.





Pictures of the programme of the floodlit friendly on Wednesday 4th January 1933

(credit to West Ham online museum)

































Copy of news report from The Daily Mirror

(with thanks to Roger Hillier for sharing this information)



Copy of news report from The Daily Herald - 5th January 1933

(with thanks to Roger Hillier for sharing this information)

Copy of news report for the England Youth v Scotland Youth on 19 April 1963

(with thanks to Roger Hillier for sharing this information):