Matches played at Underwood Park, Paisley


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
22 March 1890Home ChampionshipScotlandWales5-07,500
4 October 1890Scottish LeagueAbercorn3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-4-
25 October 1890Scottish LeagueAbercornCeltic1-5-
6 December 1890Scottish LeagueAbercornCambuslang2-5-
27 December 1890Scottish LeagueAbercornDumbarton1-2-
24 January 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornSt Mirren5-1-
7 February 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornRangers1-1-
7 March 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornVale of Leven6-0-
21 March 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornCowlairs1-0-
25 April 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornHeart of Midlothian1-0-
29 August 1891Scottish League AbercornLeith Athletic3-2-
12 September 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornCeltic2-5-
19 September 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornSt Mirren1-1-
10 October 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornVale of Leven6-3-
24 October 1891Scottish LeagueAbercorn3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-4-
14 November 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornRenton3-3-
28 November 1891Scottish FA Cup 1st roundAbercornQueen's Park2-3-
26 December 1891Scottish LeagueAbercornClyde3-3-
6 February 1892Scottish LeagueAbercornCambuslang3-1-
12 March 1892Scottish LeagueAbercornHeart of Midlothian1-3-
26 March 1892Scottish LeagueAbercornRangers0-1-
7 May 1892Scottish LeagueAbercornDumbarton1-1-
20 August 1892Scottish LeagueAbercornRangers0-4-
3 September 1892Scottish LeagueAbercornHeart of Midlothian3-4-
24 September 1892Scottish LeagueAbercornLeith Athletic1-0-
15 October 1892Scottish LeagueAbercornRenton1-2-
5 November 1892Scottish LeagueAbercornClyde5-1-
26 November 1892Scottish FA Cup 1st roundAbercornRenton6-0-
17 December 1892Scottish FA Cup 2nd roundAbercorn3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers4-5-
11 February 1893Scottish LeagueAbercornCeltic4-2-
4 March 1893Scottish LeagueAbercornSt Mirren1-2-
29 April 1893Scottish LeagueAbercornDumbarton4-0-
6 May 1893Scottish LeagueAbercorn3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers5-2-
19 August 1893Scottish League Division TwoAbercornMotherwell2-32,000
23 September 1893Scottish League Division TwoAbercornClyde0-21,500
21 October 1893Scottish League Division TwoAbercornNorthern4-22,000
25 November 1893Scottish FA Cup final stage 1st roundAbercorn5th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers2-1-
2 December 1893Scottish League Division TwoAbercornCowlairs0-4500
23 December 1893Scottish FA Cup final stage 2nd round replayAbercornBattlefield3-0-
13 January 1894Scottish FA Cup quarter-finalAbercornQueen's Park3-3-
3 February 1894Scottish League Division TwoAbercornMorton2-12,000
10 February 1894Scottish League Division TwoAbercornPartick Thistle2-32,000
3 March 1894Scottish League Division TwoAbercornHibernian3-33,000
31 March 1894Scottish League Division TwoAbercornPort Glasgow Athletic0-22.000
14 April 1894Scottish League Division TwoAbercornThistle5-2500
25 August 1894Scottish League Division TwoAbercornCowlairs3-02,000
1 September 1894Scottish League Division TwoAbercornHibernian1-53,000
10 November 1894Scottish League Division TwoAbercornRenton3-2-
24 November 1894

Scottish FA Cup final stage 1st round

(Leith protested; match declared void)

AbercornLeith Athletic1-5-
8 December 1894Scottish FA Cup final stage 1st round replayAbercornLeith Athletic4-1-
15 December 1894Scottish FA Cup final stage 2nd roundAbercornHeart of Midlothian1-6-
19 January 1895Scottish League Division TwoAbercornPartick Thistle3-3300
16 March 1895Scottish League Division TwoAbercornPort Glasgow Athletic3-32,000
23 March 1895Scottish League Division TwoAbercornMorton5-3-
13 April 1895Scottish League Division TwoAbercornDundee Wanderers9-22,000
27 April 1895Scottish League Division TwoAbercornAirdrieonians3-1-
4 May 1895Scottish League Division TwoAbercornMotherwell4-3-