Texaco Cup




Winners: Ipswich Town

Runners-up: Norwich City

Winners from previous season: Derby County


First round: 1st leg
13 September 1972Ayr United0-0Newcastle United8,500Somerset Park, Ayr
12 September 1972Coventry City3-3Motherwell7,370Highfield Road, Coventry
13 September 1972Dundee2-1Norwich City8,000Dens Park, Dundee
13 September 1972Heart of Midlothian1-0Crystal Palace9,500Tynecastle, Edinburgh
12 September 1972Ipswich Town4-2St Johnstone11,849Portman Road, Ipswich
13 September 1972Leicester City1-1Dundee United7,256

Filbert Street, Leicester

19 September 1972Sheffield United1-1West Bromwich Albion13,381

Bramall Lane, Sheffield

12 September 1972Wolverhampton Wanderers5-1Kilmarnock8,734

Molineux, Wolverhampton

First round: 2nd leg
26 September 1972Crystal Palace0-1Heart of Midlothian9,855

Selhurst Park, London

 (Heart of Midlothian win 2-0 on aggregate)  
27 September 1972Dundee United2-2Leicester City8,000

Tannadice Park, Dundee


 (3-3 on aggregate, Leicester City win 5-4 on pens.)  
26 September 1972Kilmarnock0-0Wolverhampton Wanderers3,721

Rugby Park, Kilmarnock

 (Wolverhampton Wanderers win 5-1 on aggregate)  
27 September 1972Motherwell1-0Coventry City9,812

Fir Park, Motherwell

 (Motherwell win 4-3 on aggregate)  
27 September 1972Newcastle United2-0Ayr United14,550St James's Park, Newcastle
 (Newcastle United win 2-0 on aggregate)  
27 September 1972Norwich City2-0Dundee18,339

Carrow Road, Norwich

 (Norwich City win 3-2 on aggregate)  
27 September 1972St Johnstone0-2Ipswich Town5,500

Muirton Park, Perth

 (Ipswich Town win 6-2 on aggregate) 


26 September 1972West Bromwich Albion1-0Sheffield United8,430The Hawthorns, West Bromwich
 (West Bromwich Albion win 2-1 on aggregate)  

Quarter-finals: 1st leg

16 October 1972Heart of Midlothian0-0Motherwell 

Tynecastle, Edinburgh

24 October 1972Ipswich Town2-1Wolverhampton Wanderers14,245Portman Road, Ipswich
24 October 1972Leicester City2-0Norwich City9,371Filbert Street, Leicester
25 October 1972West Bromwich Albion 2-1Newcastle United7,927The Hawthorns, West Bromwich
Quarter-finals: 2nd leg
8 November 1972Motherwell42Heart of Midlothian 

Fir Park, Motherwell

 (Motherwell win 4-2 on aggregate)  
8 November 1972Newcastle United 3-1West Bromwich Albion 20,420 St James's Park, Newcastle 
 (Newcastle United win 4-3 on aggregate)  
8 November 1972Norwich City2-0Leicester City18,513

Carrow Road, Norwich


 (2-2 on aggregate, Norwich City win 4-3 on pens.)  
7 November 1972Wolverhampton Wanderers0-1Ipswich Town12,029Molineux, Wolverhampton
 (Ipswich Town win 3-1 on aggregate)
Semi-finals: 1st leg
14 March 1973Newcastle United1-1Ipswich Town
22,430St James's Park, Newcastle
14 March 1973Norwich City2-0Motherwell
18,829Carrow Road, Norwich
Semi-finals: 2nd leg
10 April 1973Ipswich Town1-0Newcastle United18,817

Portman Road, Ipswich


 (Ipswich Town win 2-1 on aggregate) 


21 March 1973Motherwell3-2Norwich City15,000

Fir Park, Motherwell

 (Norwich City win 4-3 on aggregate) 




Final: 1st leg

4 May 1973Ipswich Town2-1Norwich City29,698

Portman Road, Ipswich



Final: 2nd leg

7 May 1973Norwich City1-2Ipswich Town35,798

Carrow Road, Norwich

 (Ipswich Town win 4-2 on aggregate)