Winners: St Bernard's

Runners-up: Renton

Holders from previous season: Rangers


Committee Meeting - Exemptions

29 May 1894


"The committee next decided as to the clubs which should be exempted from playing in the preliminary ties for the Scottish Challenge Cup. The Chairman said that the Rangers, the Celtic, the Queen’s Park, and the Third Lanark fell to be exempted from their position on the semi-final and final ties last season. There remained twelve other clubs to be exempted. The vote was taken by ballot, with the result that the following twelve clubs were also exempted:- Heart of Midlothian, Dumbarton, Dundee, St Bernards, St Mirrens, Hibernians, Leith Athletic, Clyde, Renton, East Stirlingshire, Battlefield, and Abercorn."


Dundee Courier (30 May 1884)


Preliminary stage First round
1 September 18944th Volunteer Battalion Scottish Rifles (VBSR) (Cameronians)0-6Airdrieonians 
1 September 1894Aberdeen3-3Orion 
1 September 1894Adventurers2-22nd Battalion Black Watch 
1 September 1894Airdriehill3-2Gaelic 
1 September 1894Albion Rovers3-5Carfin 
1 September 1894Annan2-45th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers 
1 September 1894Arbroath2-1Montrose 
1 September 1894Arthurlie0-2Kilmarnock Athletic 
1 September 1894Ayr Parkhouse3-2Ayr 
1 September 1894Barholm Rovers3-5Newton Stewart Athletic 
1 September 1894Beith1-4Port Glasgow Athletic 
1 September 1894Bonnyrigg Rose1-4Bo'ness 
1 September 1894Broxburn Shamrock11-1Loch Rangers 
1 September 1894Burnbank Swifts5-3Hamilton AcademicalHamilton protested - match ordered to be replayed
1 September 1894Cambuslang3-5Linthouse 
WalkoverCamelon   ClydebankScratched
1 September 1894Cartvale3-1Lochwinnoch 
1 September 1894Cowlairs4-4Dykehead 
1 September 1894Cronberry Eglinton4-6Paisley Academicals 
1 September 1894Dalmuir Thistle0-3Alloa Athletic 
1 September 1894Dalry1-4Stevenston Thistle 
1 September 1894Duncrub Park3-5Fair City Athletic 
1 September 1894Dundee Wanderers11-0Arbroath Wanderers 
1 September 1894Dunipace5-3Vale of Leven 
1 September 1894Duntocher Harp2-4Clackmannan 
ScratchedDykebar   JohnstoneWalkover
1 September 1894Falkirk7-0Kilsyth Hibernian 
WalkoverForfar Athletic   Dundee West EndScratched
WalkoverGalston   Bute RangersScratched
WalkoverGirvan Athletic   Bridge of WeirScratched
1 September 1894Glengowan1-3Wishaw Thistle 
1 September 1894Greenock Morton9-0Saltcoats Victoria 
WalkoverHurlford   Cathcart VolunteersScratched
1 September 1894Inverness Caledonian2-0Clachnacuddin 
1 September 1894Inverness Thistle3-1Inverness Union 
1 September 1894Irvine1-7Annbank 
1 September 1894Kelso0-5Uphall 
1 September 1894Kilbirnie2-3Lanemark 
WalkoverKilsyth Wanderers   GrangemouthScratched
1 September 1894Kilwinning Eglinton5-6Paisley Celtic 
1 September 1894King's Park7-2Newton Thistle 
1 September 1894Kirkcaldy3-3Polton Vale 
1 September 1894Kirriemuir0-7Lochee United 
1 September 1894Laurieston3-2Alva 
1 September 1894Linlithgow Athletic4-1Bathgate 
1 September 1894Lochgelly United1-3Mossend Swifts 
WalkoverMid-Annandale   GarliestonScratched
1 September 1894Monkcastle4-1Neilston 
WalkoverMotherwell   Glasgow WanderersScratched
1 September 1894Northern3-3Gordon Highlanders 
1 September 1894Partick Thistle6-1Royal Albert 
1 September 1894Penicuik Athletic4-2Casuals 
ScratchedPollokshaws   KilmarnockWalkover
1 September 1894Selkirk1-8Raith Rovers 
1 September 1894Slamannan Rovers4-4Grasshoppers 
WalkoverSt Cuthbert Wanderers   6th Galloway Rilfe VolunteersScratched
1 September 1894St Johnstone1-3Rob Roy 
1 September 1894Stenhousemuir7-1Slamannan 
WalkoverThornliebank   InverarayScratched
1 September 1894Townhill2-4Cowdenbeath 
1 September 1894Vale of Atholl4-3Dunblane 
1 September 1894Victoria United8-1Peterhead 
ByeEdinburgh University     
ByeHamilton Harp     
ByeVale of Ruthven     
8 September 18942nd Battalion Black Watch2-5Adventurers 
8 September 1894Dykehead1-1Cowlairs 
8 September 1894Grasshoppers0-7Slamannan RoversSlamannan Rovers protested; match declared void
8 September 1894Hamilton Academical1-4Burnbank Swifts 
8 September 1894Northern4-1Gordon Highlanders 
8 September 1894Orion5-1Aberdeen 
8 September 1894Polton Vale5-2Kirkcaldy 
2nd Replay
WalkoverSlamannan Rovers   GrasshoppersScratched
Preliminary stage Second round
22 September 18945th Kirkcudbrightshire Rilfe Volunteers12-2Newton Stewart Athletic 
22 September 1894Airdriehill1-3Motherwell 
22 September 1894Alloa Athletic6-7Adventurers 
22 September 1894Annbank3-0Partick Thistle 
22 September 1894Camelon3-1Broxburn Shamrock 
22 September 1894Carfin4-4Kilmarnock 
WalkoverClackmannan   LauriestonScratched
22 September 1894Cowdenbeath5-0Dunipace 
22 September 1894Dykehead4-2Greenock Morton 
22 September 1894Fair City Athletic4-1Rob Roy 
22 September 1894Falkirk4-0Gairdoch 
22 September 1894Forfar Athletic4-1Brechin 
22 September 1894Galston5-3Wishaw Thistle 
ScratchedGirvan Athletic   AirdrieoniansWalkover
22 September 1894Hamilton Harp0-0Northern 
22 September 1894Inverness Thistle1-0Inverness Caledonian 
22 September 1894Kilbarchan3-7Ayr Parkhouse 
22 September 1894Lanemark2-1Kilmarnock Athletic 
22 September 1894Linlithgow Athletic2-5Bo'ness 
22 September 1894Linthouse2-1Burnbank Swifts 
22 September 1894Mossend Swifts2-0Kilsyth WanderersKilsyth Wanderers protested, match void
22 September 1894Paisley Celtic3-4Paisley Academicals 
22 September 1894Polton Vale4-1Penicuik Athletic 
22 September 1894Port Glasgow Athletic6-0Hurlford 
22 September 1894Slamannan Rovers3-1Stenhousemuir 
22 September 1894St Cuthbert Wanderers2-1Mid-Annandale 
22 September 1894Stevenston Thistle4-0Monkcastle 
22 September 1894Thornliebank4-2Johnstone 
22 September 1894Uphall2-4Raith Rovers 
22 Septembe 1894Vale of Atholl4-1Arbroath 
22 September 1894Vale of Ruthven0-5Lochee United 
22 September 1894Victoria United4-4Orion 
ByeDundee Wanderers     
ByeEdinburgh University     
ByeKing's Park     
29 September 1894Kilmarnock4-2Carfin 
5 October 1894Mossend Swifts5-0Kilsyth Wanderers 
29 September 1894Northern4-1Hamilton Harp 
29 September 1894Orion5-0Victoria United 
Preliminary stage Third round
13 October 18945th Kirkcudbrightshire Rilfe Volunteers3-0St Cuthbert Wanderers 
13 October 1894Airdrieonians4-2Linthouse 
13 October 1894Cartvale2-3Annbank 
13 October 1894Clackmannan1-3Mossend Swifts 
13 October 1894Cowdenbeath3-3Raith Rovers 
13 October 1894Dykehead1-3Kilmarnock 
13 October 1894Forfar Athletic5-3Dundee Wanderers 
13 October 1894Galston4-0Port Glasgow Athletic 
13 October 1894King's Park3-2Camelon 
13 October 1894Lanemark2-5Ayr Parkhouse 
13 October 1894Lochee United2-0Vale of Atholl 
13 October 1894Orion3-1Inverness Thistle 
13 October 1894Paisley Academicals3-7Motherwell 
13 October 1894Polton Vale8-2Falkirk 
13 October 1894Slamannan Rovers5-1Adventurers 
13 October 1894Thornliebank2-4Stevenston Thistle 
ByeEdinburgh University     
ByeFair City Athletic     
27 October 1894Raith Rovers2-1Cowdenbeath 
Preliminary Stage Fourth round
3 November 1894Bo'ness2-2Ayr Parkhouse 
3 November 1894Fair City Athletic1-3Airdrieonians 
3 November 1894Forfar Athletic4-0Northern 
3 November 1894King's Park9-1Edinburgh University 
Bye5th Kirkcudbrightshire Rilfe Volunteers     
ByeLochee United     
ByeMossend Swifts     
ByePolton Vale     
ByeRaith Rovers     
ByeSlamannan Rovers     
ByeStevenston Thistle     
17 November 1894Ayr Parkhouse6-1



Final stage 1st round

24 November 1894Abercorn1-5Leith AthleticLeith protested; match declared void
24 November 1894Annbank5-43rd Lanark Rifle VolunteersGIANT KILLING
24 November 1894Ayr Parkhouse5-3Polton Vale 
24 November 1894Celtic4-1Queen's Park 
24 November 1894Clyde7-2Stevenston Thistle 
24 November 1894Dumbarton2-1Galston 
24 November 1894Hibernian6-1Forfar Athletic 
24 November 1894Lochee United2-5

King's Park

24 November 1894Kilmarnock5-1

East Stirlingshire

24 November 1894Motherwell1-2

Mossend Swifts

24 November 1894Orion1-5Dundee 
24 November 1894Raith Rovers6-35th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers5th KRV protested; match declared void
24 November 1894Rangers1-2Heart of Midlothian 
24 November 1894Slamannan Rovers2-3RentonMatch abandoned on 84 minutes due to darkness
24 November 1894St Bernard's4-2Airdrieonians 
24 November 1894St Mirren5-0BattlefieldBattlefield protested; match declared void
Final stage 1st round replays
8 December 18945th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers4-3Raith Rovers 
8 December 1894Abercorn4-1Leith AthleticDIVISION TWO BEAT DIVISION ONE
8 December 1894Renton4-0Slamannan Rovers 
8 December 1894St Mirren8-1Battlefield 
Final stage 2nd round
15 December 1894Abercorn1-6Heart of Midlothian 
15 December 1894Ayr Parkhouse3-1Mossend Swifts 
15 December 1894Clyde4-2Annbank 
15 December 1894Dundee2-0St Mirren 
15 December 1894King's Park2-1DumbartonGIANT KILLING
15 December 1894Hibernian2-0CelticCeltic protested; match declared void
15 December 1894Renton6-05th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers 
15 December 1894St Bernard's3-1Kilmarnock 
29 December 1894Hibernian0-2Celtic 
19 January 1895Ayr Parkhouse2-3Renton 
23 February 1895Clyde1-2St Bernard's 
19 January 1895Dundee1-0Celtic 
12 January 1895Heart of Midlothian4-2

King's Park

16 February 1895Dundee1-1RentonPlayed at Carolina Port, Dundee
9 March 1895Heart of Midothian0-0St Bernard'sPlayed at Tynecastle Park, Edinburgh
23 February 1895Renton3-3DundeePlayed at 2nd Hampden Park, Glasgow
16 March 1895St Bernard's1-0Heart of MidlothianPlayed at New Logie Green, Edinburgh
2nd Replay
9 March 1895Dundee0-3Renton

Played at 2nd Celtic Park, Glasgow



20 April 1895

St Bernard's2-1Renton

Played at 1st Ibrox Park, Glasgow


Cleland (2)   Gilfillan