Winners: 3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers

Runners-up: Celtic

Holders from previous season: Renton


First round
Walkover2nd Ayrshire Rifle Volunteers Ayr ThistleScratched
Walkover3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers WhitefieldScratched
WalkoverAbercorn KilbarchanScratched
1 September 1888Aberdeen3-4Arbroath
WalkoverAlbion Rovers BellshillScratched
1 September 1888Alva6-2Kilsyth Wanderers
1 September 1888Annbank5-1Darconner Britannia
1 September 1888Armadale12-0Champfleurie
1 September 1888Beith2-3Irvine
1 September 1888Bo'ness0-1Heart of Midlothian
1 September 1888Broxburn Shamrock3-2West CalderMatch declared void
1 September 1888Cambuslang Hibernian5-0Coatbridge
1 September 1888Campsie5-1Camelon
1 September 1888Carfin Shamrock6-1Whifflet Shamrock
1 September 1888Celtic5-1Shettleston
1 September 1888Clydebank3-4Vale of Leven Wanderers
1 September 1888Clydesdale1-1Rutherglen
1 September 1888Coupar Angus6-1Bridgend Athletic
1 September 1888Cowdenbeath3-1Lassodie
1 September 1888Cowlairs18-2Temperance Athletic
1 September 1888Crieff10-2Vale of Athole
1 September 1888Dumbarton13-1Kirkintilloch Central
1 September 1888Dumbarton Athletic15-0Dumbarton Union
1 September 1888Dunblane6-3St Johnstone
1 September 1888Dundee Our Boys5-4Dundee East End
WalkoverDunfermline Athletic DunfermlineScratched
1 September 1888East Stirlingshire10-1Stenhousemuir
1 September 1888Erin Rovers (Bathgate)6-0Leith Harp
1 September 1888Erin Rovers (Perth)8-2Blairgowrie Our Boys
1 September 1888Fair City Athletic5-0Caledonian Rangers
1 September 1888Falkirk5-0Dunipace
1 September 1888Forfar Athletic14-1Lindertis
1 September 1888Hamilton Academical5-0Airdrieonians
Hamilton Wanderers Andalusians

There is no record that the

match took place. There is the

suggestion that both teams withdrew from the competition.

1 September 1888Hurlford7-0Ayr
1 September 1888Johnstone Harp4-5Woodvale
1 September 1888Kelvinside Athletic16-0Govan Athletic
1 September 1888Kilbirnie3-1Dairy
1 September 1888King's Park4-3Alloa Athletic
1 September 1888Kirkcaldy Wanderers3-0Townhill
1 September 1888Lanemark7-0Stevenston Thistle
1 September 1888Linlithgow Athletic2-6Adventurers
1 September 1888Linthouse2-4Clyde
1 September 1888Lochgilphead15-1Balaclava Rangers
1 September 1888Lochwinnoch0-5Dykebar
1 September 1888Lugar Boswell0-5Kilmarnock
WalkoverMaybole Kilmarnock ThistleScratched
1 September 1888Methlan Park5-0Kirkintilloch Athletic
WalkoverMid-Annandale MoffatScratched
1 September 1888Montrose8-1Brechin
1 September 1888Mossend Swifts2-1Hibernian
1 September 1888Motherwell3-3Royal Albert
1 September 1888Neilston3-4St Mirren
1 September 1888Newton Stewart Athletic13-0Nithsdale
8 September 1888Northern2-3Queen's Park
1 September 1888Norton Park3-2Bellstane Birds
WalkoverOban Campbelltown AthleticScratched
1 September 1888Pollokshaws14-0Carlton
WalkoverPollokshaws Harp Greenock RangersScratched
1 September 1888Port Glasgow Athletic3-7Morton
1 September 1888Queen of the South Wanderers9-45th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers
1 September 1888Rangers4-2Partick Thistle
WalkoverRedding Athletic GairdochScratched
1 September 1888Renfrew0-0Arthurlie
1 September 1888Renton8-0Bowling
1 September 1888Slamannan5-3Grangemouth
1 September 1888Southern Athletic1-9Battlefield
1 September 1888St Bernard's7-0Leith Athletic
1 September 1888Stewarton Cunninghame4-3Rosebank
1 September 1888Strathmore3-4Dundee Harp
1 September 1888Thistle3-1Maryhill
1 September 1888Thornhill2-2Vale of NithMatch abandoned
WalkoverThornliebank Paisley AthleticScratched
8 September 1888Union2-3Lochee
1 September 1888United Abstainers Athletic2-1Pollokshields Athletic
1 September 1888Vale of Bannock3-2Laurieston
1 September 1888Vale of Leven Hibernian6-1Jamestown
WalkoverWanderers Aberdeen RoversScratched
1 September 1888Whishaw Thistle2-4Cambuslang
Bye1st Renfrew Rifle Volunteers
ByeGlasgow University
ByeVale of Leven
8 September 1888Arthurlie3-1Renfrew
8 September 1888Royal Albert1-2Motherwell
8 September 1888Rutherglen2-2ClydesdaleBoth teams qualified for next round
8 September 1888Thornhill0-1Vale of NithMatch declared void
15 September 1888West Calder2-1Broxburn Shamrock
2nd Replay
WalkoverVale of Nith ThornhillScratched
Second round
Walkover1st Renfrew Rifle Volunteers WoodvaleScratched
22 September 18882nd Ayrshire Rifle Volunteers4-4Maybole
22 September 1888Albion Rovers9-1Rutherglen
22 September 1888Alva0-6Campsie
22 September 1888Arbroath6-2Montrose
22 September 1888Arthurlie3-2Pollokshaws
22 September 1888Battlefield11-0United Abstainers Athletic
22 September 1888Broughty2-4Dundee Harp
22 September 1888Broxburn9-3Adventurers
22 September 1888Cambuslang4-2Carfin Shamrock
22 September 1888Celtic8-0Cowlairs
22 September 1888Clyde2-2Rangers
22 September 1888Clydesdale1-5Uddingston
22 September 1888Coupar Angus1-3Erin Rovers (Perth)
22 September 1888Cowdenbeath2-4Dunfermline Athletic
22 September 1888Dumbarton Athletic4-2Vale of Leven
22 September 1888Dundee Our Boys4-2Lochee
22 September 1888Dykebar1-6St Mirren
22 September 1888East Stirlingshire11-2Vale of Bannock
22 September 1888Fair City Athletic7-1Crieff
22 September 1888Falkirk8-3Gairdoch
22 September 1888Forfar Athletic6-5Wanderers
22 September 1888Heart of Midlothian4-0Erin Rovers (Bathgate)
29 September 1888Hurlford5-4AnnbankMatch declared void
22 September 1888Kelvinside Athletic0-83rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers
22 September 1888Kilmarnock1-3Kilbirnie
22 September 1888Lanemark2-0Stewarton Cunninghame
22 September 1888Morton1-4Abercorn
22 September 1888Motherwell5-1Hamilton Academical
29 September 1888Norton Park1-3St Bernard's
22 September 1888Oban4-2Lochgilphead
22 September 1888Pollokshaws Harp2-5Thornliebank
22 September 1888Queen of the South Wanderers14-2Newton Stewart Athletic
22 September 1888Queen's Park6-0Thistle
22 September 1888Slamannan3-3King's Park
22 September 1888Vale of Leven Hibernian1-3Methlan Park
22 September 1888Vale of Leven Wanderers2-10Renton
22 September 1888Vale of Nith3-1Mid-Annandale
22 September 1888West Calder1-6Mossend Swifts
ByeCambuslang Hibernian
ByeGlasgow University
ByeKirkaldy Wanderers
6 October 1888Hurlford2-2Annbank
29 September 1888King's Park13-1Slamannan
29 September 1888Maybole6-22nd Ayrshire Rifle Volunteers
29 September 1888Rangers0-3Clyde
2nd Replay
13 October 1888Annbank2-3Hurlford
Third round
13 October 18881st Renfrew Rifle Volunteers3-4Kilbirnie
13 October 18883rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-1Queen's ParkMatch declared void
13 October 1888Arthurlie0-7St Mirren
13 October 1888Battlefield1-3Dumbarton Athletic
13 October 1888Broxburn2-2Heart of Midlothian
13 October 1888Celtic4-1Albion Rovers
13 October 1888Clyde4-0Cambuslang Hibernian
13 October 1888Dunblane4-4Erin Rovers (Perth)
13 October 1888Dundee Our Boys2-1Dundee Harp
13 October 1888East Stirlingshire4-0King's Park
13 October 1888Falkirk2-2Campsie
13 October 1888Forfar Athletic1-2Arbroath
20 October 1888Hurlford4-2Irvine
13 October 1888Kirkcaldy Wanderers1-2St Bernard's
13 October 1888Lanemark4-2Maybole
13 October 1888Mossend Swifts5-2Armadale
13 October 1888Motherwell2-6Dumbarton
13 October 1888Queen of the South Wanderers11-1Vale of Nith
13 October 1888Renton4-1Cambuslang
13 October 1888Thornliebank0-8Abercorn
WalkoverUddingston Glasgow UniversityScratched
ByeDunfermline Athletic
ByeFair City Athletic
ByeMethlan Park
27 October 18883rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers4-2Queen's Park
20 October 1888Campsie2-2FalkirkBoth teams qualified for next round
20 October 1888Erin Rovers (Perth)0-6Dunblane
20 October 1888Heart of Midlothian2-0Broxburn
Fourth round
3 November 18883rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers7-1Hurlford
3 November 1888Abercorn11-1Dundee Our Boys
3 November 1888Campsie3-1Heart of Midlothian
3 November 1888Dumbarton9-0Methlan Park
WalkoverDumbarton Athletic Dunfermline AthleticScratched
3 November 1888Dunblane4-4East Stirlingshire
3 November 1888Fair City Athletic1-3Arbroath
3 November 1888Kilbirnie1-6St Mirren
3 November 1888Lanemark0-8Renton
3 November 1888Oban0-6Clyde
3 November 1888Queen of the South Wanderers10-2Falkirk
3 November 1888St Bernard's1-4Celtic
3 November 1888Uddingston1-4Mossend Swifts
10 November 1888East Stirlingshire4-0Dunblane
Fifth round
24 November 18883rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers5-4AbercornMatch declared void
24 November 1888Arbroath3-3Renton
24 November 1888Clyde1-0CelticMatch declared void
1 December 1888Dumbarton3-1Mossend Swifts
24 November 1888St Mirren3-1Queen of the South Wanderers
ByeDumbarton Athletic
ByeEast Stirlingshire
8 December 18883rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-2Abercorn
8 December 1888Celtic9-2Clyde
1 December 1888Renton4-0Arbroath
2nd Replay
15 December 1888Abercorn2-23rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers
3rd Replay
22 December 18883rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers3-1Abercorn
29 December 18883rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers6-1Campsie
15 December 1888Celtic2-1East Stirlingshire
15 December 1888Dumbarton2-2St Mirren
15 December 1888Dumbarton Athletic1-2Renton
22 December 1888St Mirren2-2Dumbarton
2nd Replay
29 December 1888Dumbarton3-1St Mirren
12 January 18893rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-0Renton
12 January 1889Dumbarton1-4Celtic

2 February 1889

3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers3-0Celtic

Played at Hampden Park, Glasgow

Match declared void


Marshall (20), J Oswald (55), Hannah (90) Referee: Charles Campbell


9 February 18893rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-1CelticPlayed at Hampden Park, Glasgow
16,000Marshall (23), J Oswald McCallaum (67)