Winners: Renton

Runners-up: Vale of Leven

Holders from previous season: Queen's Park


First round
13 September 18843rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers3-2Partick Thistle
13 September 1884Airdrie4-6Shettleston
WalkoverAirdriehill Vale of AvonScratched
WalkoverAlbion DunbrittonScratched
13 September 1884Alloa Athletic0-4King's Park
13 September 1884Angus1-5Strathmore (Dundee)
13 September 1884Arbroath3-2Dundee Harp
13 September 1884Arthurlie2-0Olympic
13 September 1884Battlefield8-0Kinning Park
13 September 1884Bo'ness0-2Hibernian
13 Septembr 1884Cartvale12-1Greenock Rangers
13 September 1884Clarkston1-4Hamilton Academical
13 September 1884Clippens3-1Greenock Rovers
13 September 1884Clyde1-2Cowlairs
13 September 1884Cumnock3-2Mauchline
13 September 1884Dairy0-4Annbank
13 September 1884Drumpelier0-6Airdrieonians
WalkoverDumbarton LeverndaleScratched
WalkoverDumbarton Athletic LenzieScratched
13 September 1884Dunblane8-0Crieff Juniors
13 September 1884Dundee East End8-1Coupar Angus
WalkoverDundee West End Perseverance
13 September 1884Dunfermline10-2Newcastleton
13 September 1884East Stirlingshire4-2Campsie
WalkoverFalkirk StrathblaneScratched
13 September 1884Glengowan2-1Albion Rovers
13 September 1884Granton1-0Shawlands
13 September 1884Grasshoppers4-0Dunipace
13 September 1884Jamestown1-1Vale of Leven
13 September 1884Johnstone9-1Lyle Athletic
13 September 1884Kilmarnock6-1HurlfordMatch declared void
13 September 1884Kilmarnock Athletic14-0Stewarton Cunninghame
13 September 1884Lindertis1-4Aberdeen
13 September 1884Lugar Boswell1-4Ayr
13 September 1884Moffat2-55th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers
13 September 1884Morton2-2Abercorn
13 September 1884Northern6-4Glasgow University YMCA
13 September 1884Paisley Athletic2-3Greenock Southern
13 September 1884Partick9-1Eastern Athletic
WalkoverPollokshaws KilbarchanScratched
13 September 1884Pollokshields0-4Queen's Park
13 September 1884Pollokshields Athletic6-2Pilgrims
13 September 1884Port Glasgow Athletic6-11st Renfrew Rifle Volunteers
13 September 1884Possilpark7-0Cyrus
13 September 1884Rangers11-0Whitehill
13 September 1884Renfrew1-0Johnstone Rovers
13 September 1884Renton2-1Vale of Leven Wanderers
13 September 1884Royal Albert1-4Cambuslang
WalkoverSpringburn Hibernian OrchardScratched
13 September 1884St Bernard's6-0Edina
13 September 1884St Mirren4-1NeilstonMatch declared void
13 September 1884Stenhousemuir1-2Tayavalla
13 September 1884Strathmore (Arbroath)1-4Dundee Our Boys
13 September 1884Thornhill0-13Queen of the South Wanderers
13 September 1884Thornliebank6-0Greenock Northern
13 September 1884Vale of Teith7-0Breadalbane
13 September 1884Volunteer Athletic1-4Vale of Nith
13 September 1884West Benhar8-1Chryston
13 September 1884West Calder3-0Norton Park
13 September 1884Westburn6-2Tollcross
13 September 1884Whitefield3-3Thistle
13 September 1884Wishaw Swifts2-1DykeheadMatch declared void
13 September 1884Yoker2-0Dumbarton Rock
ByeCampsie Central
ByeDean Park
ByeHeart of Midlothian
20 September 1884Abercorn3-4MortonMatch declared void
27 September 1884Dykehead2-5Wishaw Swifts
27 September 1884Hurlford3-1KilmarnockHurlford disqualified; Kilmarnock reinstated
27 September 1884Neilston1-4St Mirren
20 September 1884Thistle3-1Whitefield
20 September 1884Vale of Leven4-1Jamestown
2nd replay
27 September 1884Abercorn2-2MortonBoth teams qualified for 2nd round
Second round
4 October 18843rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-2Rangers
4 October 18845th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers3-4Queen of the South Wanderers
4 October 1884Aberdeen1-7Arbroath
4 October 1884Airdrieonians2-2Cambuslang
4 October 1884Albion0-2Dumbarton
4 October 1884Annbank4-1Kilmarnock
4 October 1884Arthurlie1-0Abercorn
4 October 1884Ayr5-0Cumnock
4 October 1884Clippens1-7Renfrew
4 October 1884Cowlairs1-2Pollokshields Athletic
4 October 1884Dean Park2-0Springburn Hibernian
4 October 1884Dumbarton Athletic3-1King's Park
4 October 1884Dundee Our Boys8-1Dundee West End
4 October 1884Dunfermline1-11Heart of MidlothianDunfermline reinstated after Heart of Midlothian were disqualified
4 October 1884East Stirlingshire2-10Renton
4 October 1884Glengowan4-1Westburn
4 October 1884Granton1-3Northern
4 October 1884Grasshoppers1-4Falkirk
4 October 1884Hibernian5-1Vale of Teith
4 October 1884Maybole1-4Kilmarnock Athletic
4 October 1884Pollokshaws2-2Greenock Southern
4 October 1884Port Glasgow Athletic2-2Thornliebank
4 October 1884Possilpark0-3Battlefield
4 October 1884St Mirren3-0Johnstone
4 October 1884Strathmore (Dundee)1-1Dundee East End
4 October 1884Thistle1-4Queen's Park
4 October 1884Vale of Leven14-0Campsie Central
4 Octoebr 1884West Benhar9-1ShettlestonMatch declared void
4 October 1884West Calder0-1Dunblane
4 Octoer 1884Wishaw Swifts8-3Airdriehill
4 October 1884Yoker17-0Tayavalla
ByeHamilton Academical
ByeSt Bernard's
ByeVale of Nith
11 October 1884Cambuslang10-2Airdrieonians
11 October 1884Dundee East End2-5Strathmore (Dundee)
18 October 1884Greenock Southern3-3PollokshawsBoth teams qualified for next round
18 October 1884Port Glasgow Athletic2-2Thornliebank
11 October 1884Rangers0-03rd Lanark Rifle VolunteersBoth teams qualified for next round
18 October 1884West Benhar4-1Shettleston
2nd replay
25 October 1884Thornliebank2-1Port Glasgow Athletic
Third round
25 October 18843rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers0-3Rangers
25 October 1884Arthurlie3-0Cartvale
25 October 1884Ayr4-2Kilmarnock Athletic
25 October 1884Cambuslang3-0Hamilton Academical
25 October 1884Dean Park2-2Dumbarton Athletic
25 October 1884Dunblane2-4Arbroath
25 October 1884Dundee Our Boys5-1Strathmore (Dundee)
25 October 1884Hibernian5-1Glengowan
25 October 1884Morton5-0Greenock Southern
25 October 1884Partick4-2Falkirk
25 October 1884Pollokshields Athletic4-1Dumbarton
25 October 1884Queen's Park2-3Battlefield
25 October 1884Renton9-2Northern
25 October 1884St Mirren1-0RenfrewMatch declared void
1 November 1884Thornliebank4-0Pollokshaws
25 October 1884Vale of Leven4-1Yoker
25 October 1884Vale of Nith0-6Queen of the South Wanderers
25 October 1884West Benhar5-1St Bernard's
1 November 1884Wishaw Swifts7-1Dunfermline
1 November 1884Dumbarton Athletic3-1Dean Park
8 November 1884St Mirren3-0RenfrewMatch declared void
2nd Replay
13 November 1884St Mirren6-3Renfrew
Fourth round
15 November 1884Annbank5-2Queen of the South Wanderers
15 November 1884Arbroath4-3RangersMatch declared void - Rangers protested about the width of the pitch
15 November 1884Arthurlie1-2Vale of Leven
15 November 1884Cambuslang2-2Thornliebank
15 November 1884Dumbarton Athletic6-3Partick
15 November 1884Dundee Our Boys2-2West Benhar
15 November 1884Hibernian5-1Ayr
15 November 1884Pollokshields Athletic0-3Battlefield
15 November 1884Renton2-1St Mirren
15 November 1884Wishaw Swifts1-2Morton
20 December 1884Arbroath1-8Rangers
22 November 1884Thornliebank0-0CambuslangBoth teams qualified for next round
22 November 1884West Benhar8-3Dundee Our Boys
Fifth round
6 December 1884Annbank5-1West Benhar
6 December 1884Cambuslang4-1Dumbarton Athletic
6 December 1884Hibernian4-0Morton
ByeVale of Leven
10 January 1885Cambuslang3-1Battlefield
27 December 1884Hibernian5-0Annbank
27 December 1884Renton5-3Rangers
27 December 1884Thornliebank3-4Vale of Leven
24 January 1885Hibernian2-3Renton
31 January 1885Vale of Leven0-0Cambuslang
7 February 1885Cambuslang1-3Vale of Leven

21 February 1885

Renton0-0Vale of LevenPlayed at Hampden Park, Glasgow



28 February 1885Renton3-1Vale of LevenPlayed at Hampden Park, Glasgow
5,000A McCall, A McIntyre (2)