Winners: Queen's Park

Runners-up: Thornliebank

Holders from previous season: Vale of Leven


First round
Walkover3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers UnionScratched
20 September 187917th Renfrew Rifle Volunteers4-1Levern
Walkover19th Lanark Rifle Volunteers WellparkScratched
20 September 1879Airdrie1-0East Kilbride
WalkoverAilsa BurnsideScratched
20 September 1879Alexandra Athletic4-0Albatross
20 September 1879Arbroath5-1Dundee Our Boys
WalkoverAthole BlythswoodScatched
27 September 1879Arthurlie3-0Busby
20 September 1879Ayr0-6Kilmarnock Athletic
20 September 1879Barrhead0-5Renfrew
6 September 1879Beith2-2Kilbirnie
20 September 1879Brunswick5-0Swifts
WalkoverCambuslang UddingstonScratched
20 September 1879Campsie Glen4-1Thistle AthleticMatch declared void
20 September 1879Cartvale5-2Wellington Park
20 September 1879Clarkston2-1Stonelaw
WalkoverClyde 1st Lanark Rifle VolunteersScratched
20 September 1879Cree Rovers0-2Stranraer
WalkoverCumnock IrvineScratched
20 September 1879Dumbarton4-3Vale of Leven
20 September 1879Dunfermline2-0Edinburgh Thistle
20 September 1879Excelsior2-1Clydebank
20 September 1879Falkirk4-2Grasshoppers
20 September 1879Govan2-1Caledonian
20 September 1879Hamilton Academical2-0Glengowan
WalkoverHarmonic StonefieldScratched
WalkoverHavelock 4th Renfrew Rifle VolunteersScratched
WalkoverHeart of Midlothian 3rd Edinburgh Rifle VolunteersScratched
20 September 1879Helensburgh4-2Alcutha
20 September 1879Hibernian5-1Hanover
27 September 1879Hurlford2-0Catrine
20 September 1879Jamestown2-1Star of Leven
WalkoverJohn Elder DerbyScratched
WalkoverJohnstone Athletic Port GlasgowScratched
20 September 1879Jordanhill2-1Kelvinbank
20 September 1879Kennishead2-1Glenkilloch
WalkoverKilmarnock Ayr AcademicalsScratched
WalkoverKilmarnock Portland LanemarkScratched
WalkoverLennox Renton ThistleScratched
20 September 1879Mauchline3-1Dean
WalkoverMaybole Carrick GirvanScratched
27 September 1879Maybole Ladywell2-0Auchinleck Boswell
20 September 1879Milton of Campsie3-1King's Park
20 September 1879Netherlee0-0Morton
WalkoverNewmains AvondaleScratched
20 September 1879Northern3-0Thistle
20 September 1879Oxford2-2Pollokshields Athletic
WalkoverParkgrove ClydesdaleScratched
27 September 1879Partick2-0Petershill
WalkoverPossil Bluebell TelegraphistsScratched
20 September 1879Possilpark0-0City
WalkoverQueen of the South Wanderers AnnanScratched
20 September 1879Rangers0-0Queen's Park
WalkoverRenfrew Ramblers 23rd Renfrew Rifle VolunteersScratched
20 September 1879Renton2-2Kilmarnock Thistle
27 September 1879Rob Roy2-1Coupar Angus
WalkoverRosslyn BlackfriarsScratched
27 September 1879Shotts2-1Drumpelier
WalkoverSouth Western WhiteinchScratched
27 September 1879Strathblane1-0Lenzie
20 September 1879Thornliebank4-0Yoker
WalkoverUpper Clydesdale Mount VernonScratched
WalkoverVale of Teith Clifton & StrathfillanScratched
27 September 1879Whitefield7-0Govanhill
ByeBarrhead Rangers
ByeEdinburgh University
ByeGlasgow University
ByeHigh School
ByeKirkintilloch Athletic
ByePlains Bluebell
ByeSt Clement's
ByeStewarton Cunninghame
ByeTarbolton Burntonians
Jamestown were disqualified following their third round match against Lennox. Their opponents from the first and second round (Star of Leven and Kirkintilloch Athletic) were reinsted and played a second round match to determine who would play Lennox in the third round. 
4 October 1879Campsie Glen4-0Thistle AthleticBoth teams advanced to next round
27 September 1879Kilbirnie2-2Beith
27 September 1879Kilmarnock Thistle0-8Renton
27 September 1879Morton7-4Netherlee
27 September 1879Pollokshields Athletic4-0Oxford
27 September 1879Possilpark3-1City
27 September 1879Queen's Park5-1Rangers
Second round
11 October 18793rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers0-0Possil Bluebell
18 October 1879Ailsa3-1Rosslyn
11 October 1879Alexandra Athletic5-0Harmonic
11 October 1879Arthurlie8-3Morton
11 October 1879Barrhead Rangers2-1Renfrew Ramblers
11 October 1879Cambuslang4-1Airdrie
11 October 1879Clyde2-1Govan
WalkoverCumnock Tarbolton BurntoniansScratched
11 October 1879Dumbarton7-0Helensburgh
11 October 1879Excelsior2-1Bellshill
11 October 1879Hamilton Academical3-0Upper Clydesdale
18 October 1879Heart of Midlothian4-2BrunswickMatch declared void
11 October 1879Hibernian4-0Dunfermline
11 October 1879John Elder1-0JordanhillMatch declared void
11 October 1879Johnstone Athletic6-0Cartvale
18 October 1879Kennishead5-0Cartside
4 October 1879Kilmarnock Athletic1-1Kilbirnie
18 October 1879Kilmarnock Portland2-1Beith
11 October 1879Kirkintilloch Athletic0-1Jamestown
15 November 1879Kirkintilloch Athletic5-2Star of Leven
11 October 1879Mauchline6-2Kilmarnock
11 October 1879Maybole Carrick1-8Hurlford
11 October 1879Maybole Ladywell6-1Stewarton Cunninghame
11 October 1879Milton of Campsie0-4Campsie Glen
11 October 1879Northern3-1Whitefield
11 October 1879Partick3-1Havelock
11 October 1879Plains Bluebell2-0Newmains
11 October 1879Pollokshields Athletic5-1Dennistoun
18 October 1879Possilpark4-1High School
11 October 1879Queen of the South Wanderers6-0Stranraer
11 October 1879Queen's Park14-119th Lanark Rifle Volunteers
11 October 1879Renton1-1Lennox
18 October 1879Rob Roy3-0Vale of Teith
11 October 1879Shotts0-2Clarkston
11 October 1879South Western9-0Athole
11 October 1879Strathblane1-0Falkirk
WalkoverStrathmore St Clement'sScratched
11 October 1879Thornliebank6-117th Renfrew Rifle Volunteers
ByeEdinburgh University
ByeGlasgow University
1 November 18793rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers1-0Possil Bluebell
20 October 1879Heart of Midlothian2-1Brunswick
25 October 1879Jordanhill1-2John Elder
18 October 1879Kilbirnie1-0Kilmarnock Athletic
18 October 1879Lennox1-1RentonBoth teams advanced to next round
Third round
8 November 18793rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers1-1Glasgow University
15 November 1879Arbroath6-1Strathmore
1 November 1879Arthurlie1-2Renfrew
15 November 1879Cambuslang4-2Clarkston
15 November 1879Clyde6-1Ailsa
1 November 1879Dumbarton5-0Renton
8 November 1879Hamilton Academical7-1Excelsior
15 November 1879Hibernian2-1Heart of Midlothian
8 November 1879Hurlford1-0Cumnock
1 November 1879Jamestown5-1LennoxMatch declared void
1 November 1879Johnstone Athletic3-1Kennishead
WalkoverKilbirnie Maybole LadywellScratched
22 November 1879Kirkintilloch Athletic6-2Lennox
1 November 1879Mauchline0-0Kilmarnock Portland
1 November 1879Parkgrove6-2Alexandra Athletic
WalkoverPlains Bluebell Queen of the South WanderersScratched
1 November 1879Pollokshields Athletic2-1Northern
1 November 1879Queen's Park5-1Partick
8 November 1879Rob Roy1-0Edinburgh University
1 November 1879South Western2-1John Elder
1 November 1879Strathblane2-1Campsie Glen
1 November 1879Thornliebank1-0Barrhead Rangers
15 November 18793rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers6-0Glasgow University
8 November 1879Kilmarnock Portland0-1Mauchline
Fourth round
29 November 18793rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers5-1Kilmarnock Athletic
29 November 1879Cambuslang3-0Plains Bluebell
22 November 1879Dumbarton11-0Clyde
22 November 1879Hibernian2-2Parkgrove
22 November 1879Johnstone Athletic2-4Rob Roy
22 November 1879Kilbirnie1-1Hurlford
29 November 1879Mauchline2-0Hamilton Academical
22 November 1879Queen's Park10-1Strathblane
22 November 1879Renfrew4-0Pollokshields Athletic
22 November 1879South Western4-0Arbroath
22 November 1879Thornliebank12-0Possilpark
29 November 1879Hurlford1-1KilbirnieBoth teams advanced to next round
29 November 1879Parkgrove2-2HibernianBoth teams advanced to next round
Fifth round
20 December 1879Dumbarton6-2Kilbirnie
20 December 1879Mauchline0-2Hibernian
20 December 1879Pollokshields Athletic4-0Cambuslang
20 December 1879Queen's Park15-1Hurlford
20 December 1879South Western1-1Parkgrove
20 December 1879Thornliebank12-0Rob Roy
Bye3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers
27 December 1879South Western3-2Parkgrove
3 January 18803rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers1-1Thornliebank
3 January 1880Dumbarton6-2Hibernian
3 January 1880Pollokshields Athletic6-1South Western
ByeQueen's Park
10 January 18803rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers1-2Thornliebank
17 January 1880Queen's Park1-0Dumbarton
17 January 1880Thornliebank2-1Pollokshields Athletic
21 February 1880Queen's Park3-0ThornliebankPlayed at Cathkin Park, Glasgow
4,000     Referee: D Hamilton