Winners: Queen's Park

Runners-up: 3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers

Holders from previous season: Queen's Park


First round
 9 October 1875Arthurlie 0-0Levern Hurlet 
 23 October 1875Caledonian0-0Western 
 16 October 1875Clydesdale1-0Eastern 
 16 October 1875Drumpellier0-0Barrhead 
WalkoverDumbreck   Vale of Leven Rovers (Glasgow)Scratched
 16 October 1875Hamilton Academical0-0Airdrie FC 
 16 October 1875Heart of Midlothian0-03rd Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers 
 Helensburgh1-0Star of Leven 
 16 October 1875Kilburnie1-0Ayr Thistle 

 9 October 1875

Kilmarnock8-0Ayr Eglinton 

9 October 1875



Mauchline   ArdrossanScratched

 16 October 1875

Queen's Park3-0Alexandra Athletic 
 McKinnon, Highet, 1 other     
 16 October 1875Rangers 7-01st Lanark Rifle Volunteers 
WalkoverRenton Thistle   Queen's Park JuniorsScratched
WalkoverRovers   OxfordScratched
 9 October 1875Sandyford0-023rd Renfrew Rifle Volunteers 
 St Andrew's1-0Telegraphists 
 23 October 18753rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-0Havelock 
 16 October 1875Towerhill2-0Lancelot 
WalkoverVale of Leven   Vale of Leven Rovers (Alexandra)Scratched
 2 October 1875West End0-0Partick 
ByeEdinburgh Thistle     
 23 October 1875 Barrhead0-1Drumpelier 
16 October 1875Dumbarton1-0Lennox 
 23 October 18753rd Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers0-0Heart of Midlothian 
23 October 1875Hamilton Academical1-0Airdrie 
16 October 1875 Levern Hurlet4-0Arthurlie 
 30 October 1875Partick1-1West End 
 23rd Renfrew Rifle Volunteers0-0Sandyford 
 30 October 1875Western3-0Caledonian 
Second round
 6 November 1875Clydesdale6-0Kilmarnock 
 13 November 1875Drumpelier2-0Heart of Midlothian 
 6 November 1875Dumbarton2-1Renton Thistle 
 Galbraith, McAulay   not known 
 Dumbreck2-0St. Andrew's 
 6 November 1875Edinburgh Thistle0-03rd Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers 
 Helensburgh1-023rd Renfrew Rifle Volunteers 
 6 November 1875Kilburnie0-0Mauchline 
 13 November 1875Levern Hurlet3-0Hamilton Academical 
 6 November 1875Queen's Park5-0Northern 
 not known     
 Rovers6-0West End 
30 October 18753rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers0-1RangersReplay ordered
 13 November 1875Vale of Leven3-0Renton 
 13 November 1875 3rd Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers1-0Edinburgh Thistle 
WalkoverMauchline   KilburnieScratched
13 November 1875Rangers1-23rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers 
Third round
27 November 1875 Dumbarton5-1Drumpelier 
 Boyd, McAuley 2, McAuley, Meikleham, Anderson   not known 
27 November 1875 Dumbreck5-0Partick 
 27 November 1875Queen's Park2-0Clydesdale 
 own goal, McKinnon     
27 November 1875 Rovers4-03rd Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers 
27 November 1875 3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers3-0Levern Hurlet 
27 November 1875 Vale of Leven6-0Mauchline

Played at Victoria Park

(lent by 3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers)

27 November 1875 Western2-0Helensburgh 
 18 December 1875Queen's Park2-0Dumbreck 
 Weir, 1 other     
 18 December 18753rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers5-0Western 
18 December 1875 Vale of Leven2-0Rovers Stopped by agreement
8 January 1876 Queen's Park2-1Vale of LevenPlayed at 1st Hampden Park, Glasgow
10,000McGill, McNeil   Lamont 
8 January 18763rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers1-1DumbartonPlayed at Cathkin Park, Glasgow 
  Crichton   Hartley 
 15 January 1876 3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers1-1DumbartonPlayed at Boghead Park, Dumbarton
  Crichton   not known 
2nd Replay
22 January 1876 3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers 3-0DumbartonPlayed at Cathkin Park, Glasgow 
11 March 1876Queen's Park 1-13rd Lanark Rifle VolunteersPlayed at Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow
 10,000 Highet (35)    Drinnan (2) 


J Dickson

J Taylor

R W McNeil

C Campbell

J Phillips

T C Highet

D McGill

W McKinnon

T Laurie

A McKinnon

H McNeil



J Wallace

J Hunter

A Watson

P White

D Davidson

J Crichton

W Drinnan

T Scoular

R Walker

W Miller

J McDonald



18 March 1876Queen's Park2-03rd Lanark Rifle VolunteersPlayed at Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow
6,000Highet 2 (15, 46)     


A B Hillcoat replaced T Laurie

T F Smith replaced A McKinnon