Matches played at Racecourse Ground, Wrexham


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
5 March 1877International friendlyWalesScotland0-24,000
7 April 1879International friendlyWalesScotland0-32,000
15 March 1880International friendlyWalesEngland2-33,000
14 March 1881International friendlyWalesScotland1-51,500
13 March 1882Home ChampionshipWalesEngland5-35,000
12 March 1883Home ChampionshipWalesScotland0-32,000
17 March 1884Home ChampionshipWalesEngland0-44,500
23 March 1885Home ChampionshipWalesScotland1-84,000
29 March 1886Home ChampionshipWalesEngland1-35,000
21 March 1887Home ChampionshipWalesScotland0-22,000
6 October 1888FA Cup 1st qualifying roundWrexhamDavenham3-0-
15 April 1889Home ChampionshipWalesScotland0-06,000
15 March 1890Home ChampionshipWalesEngland1-35,000
25 October 1890FA Cup 2nd qualifying roundWrexhamNantwich2-3-
21 March 1891Home ChampionshipWalesScotland3-44,000
5 March 1892Home ChampionshipWalesEngland0-24,500
18 March 1893Home ChampionshipWalesScotland0-84,500
12 March 1894Home ChampionshipWalesEngland1-55,500
1894-95 seasonFA Cup 2nd qualifying roundWrexhamMacclesfield Town7-1-
1894-95 seasonFA Cup 3rd qualifying roundWrexhamGlossop North End1-2-
23 March 1895Home ChampionshipWalesScotland2-24,000
1895-96 seasonFA Cup 1st qualifying roundWrexhamNewtown3-1-
1895-96 seasonFA Cup 2nd qualifying roundWrexhamCrewe Alexandra



20 March 1897Home ChampionshipWalesScotland2-25,000
28 March 1898Home ChampionshipWalesEngland0-34,000
18 March 1899Home ChampionshipWalesScotland0-612,000
2 March 1901Home ChampionshipWalesScotland1-15,000
3 March 1902Home ChampionshipWalesEngland0-010,000
29 February 1904Home ChampionshipWalesEngland2-29,000
6 March 1905Home ChampionshipWalesScotland3-16,000
4 March 1907Home ChampionshipWalesScotland1-07,715
16 March 1908Home ChampionshipWalesEngland1-77,000
1 March 1909Home ChampionshipWalesScotland3-26,000
11 March 1912Home ChampionshipWalesEngland0-214,000
3 March 1913Home ChampionshipWalesScotland0-08,000
4 February 1922Home ChampionshipWalesScotland2-110,000
20 March 1926International Amateur matchWalesEngland1-24,000
12 February 1927Home ChampionshipWalesEngland3-316,101
29 October 1927Home ChampionshipWalesScotland2-216,000
22 November 1930Home ChampionshipWalesEngland0-411,282
31 October 1931Home ChampionshipWalesScotland2-310,860
16 November 1932Home ChampionshipWalesEngland0-025,250
3 January 1934Division Three (North) Cup 1st roundWrexhamNew Brighton11-12,600
28 February 1934Division Three (North) Cup 2nd roundWrexhamChester2-010,487
14 November 1934Division Three (North) Cup 1st roundWrexhamChester1-16,190
21 October 1936Division Three (North) Cup 1st roundWrexhamNew Brighton0-11,382
1 February 1939Division Three (North) Cup 1st roundWrexhamCrewe Alexandra2-1774
8 March 1939Division Three (North) Cup 2nd roundWrexhamNew Brighton1-1389
19 October 1946Home ChampionshipWalesScotland3-129,568
17 February 1951Home Youth ChampionshipWalesEngland1-15,000
23 April 1958International under-23 matchWalesEngland2-120,000
4 November 1964International under-23 matchWalesEngland2-315,193
2 October 1968International under-23 matchWalesEngland1-311,084
3 May 1969Home ChampionshipWalesScotland3-518,765
2 December 1970International under-23 matchWalesEngland0-016,367
31 July 1971Watney Cup 1st roundWrexhamWest Bromwich Albion1-211,213
12 May 1973Home ChampionshipWalesScotland0-218,682
21 January 1975International under-23 matchWalesEngland0-211,024
24 March 1976International friendlyWalesEngland1-220,927
28 May 1977Home ChampionshipWalesScotland0-014,469
13 May 1978Debenhams Cup final 1st legWrexhamBlyth Spartans1-22,300
17 May 1980Home ChampionshipWalesEngland4-124,386
21 February 1984Associate Members Cup 1st roundWrexhamPeterborough United



14 March 1984Associate Members Cup 2nd roundWrexhamExeter City


2 May 1984Home ChampionshipWalesEngland1-014,250
29 January 1985Freight Rover Trophy Northern section 1st round 1st legWrexhamWigan Athletic2-2736
21 January 1986Freight Rover Trophy Northern section 1st round Group 7WrexhamPort Vale1-1992
25 November 1986Freight Rover Trophy Northern section 1st round Group 5WrexhamTranmere Rovers6-11,385
17 February 1987Freight Rover Trophy Northern section quarter-finalWrexhamPreston North End2-12,193
23 March 1987Freight Rover Trophy Northern section semi-finalWrexhamChester City



27 October 1987Sherpa Van Trophy Southern section preliminary round Group 2WrexhamWalsall


30 April 1991UEFA international youth tournamentWalesEngland0-1-
16 November 1996

FA Cup 1st round

(venue switched)

Colwyn BayWrexham1-14,679
2 September 2005

UEFA under-21 championship preliminaries

15 May 2008

International under-21 match