Matches played at the Racecourse Ground / County Ground, Derby


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
8 November 1884FA Cup 1st roundDerby CountyWalsall Town0-7-
14 March 1885FA Cup semi-finalNottingham ForestQueen's Park1-1not known
31 October 1885FA Cup 1st roundDerby CountyMitchell St George's3-0-
14 November 1885FA Cup 2nd round Derby CountyAston Villa2-0-
13 March 1886FA Cup semi-finalBlackburn RoversSwifts2-1not known
20 November 1886FA Cup 2nd roundDerby CountyMitchell St George's1-2-
26 November 1887FA Cup 3rd roundDerby CountyOwlerton6-2-
5 December 1887FA Cup 2nd roundDerby CountyEcclesfield6-0-
31 December 1887FA Cup 3rd round 2nd replayCrewe AlexandraSwifts2-1not known
15 September 1888Football LeagueDerby CountyWest Bromwich Albion1-23,000
22 September 1888Football LeagueDerby CountyAccrington1-13,000
29 September 1888Football LeagueDerby CountyPreston North End2-36,000
20 October 1888Football LeagueDerby CountyEverton2-42,000
24 November 1888Football LeagueDerby CountyBlackburn Rovers0-23,000
22 December 1888Football LeagueDerby CountyNotts County3-22,500
26 December 1888Football LeagueDerby CountyBolton Wanderers2-33,500
12 January 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyWolverhampton Wanderers3-02,000
26 January 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyStoke2-12,500
2 February 1889FA Cup 1st roundDerby CountyDerby Junction1-04,000
2 March 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyBurnley1-03,000
9 March 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyAston Villa5-23,000
14 September 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyWest Bromwich Albion3-14,000
28 September 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyNotts County2-04,000
5 October 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyEverton2-23,000
19 October 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyPreston North End2-15,000
26 October 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyStoke2-03,000
23 November 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyWolverhampton Wanderers3-34,000
26 December 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyBolton Wanderers3-24,500
28 December 1889Football LeagueDerby CountyAston Villa5-08,000
4 January 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyBurnley4-13,000
8 February 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyBlackburn Rovers4-05,000
15 February 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyAccrington2-32,000
22 February 1890FA Cup quarter-final 2nd replayThe WednesdayNotts County2-18,000
8 March 1890FA Cup semi-finalBlackburn RoversWolverhampton Wanderers1-014,788
6 September 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyBlackburn Rovers8-55,000
20 September 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyPreston North End1-35,000
18 October 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyAston Villa5-43,000
22 November 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyWest Bromwich Albion3-12,000
6 December 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyAccrington1-22,500
13 December 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyEverton2-63,000
26 December 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyBolton Wanderers1-12,500
27 December 1890Football LeagueDerby CountyNotts County3-15,000
10 January 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyWolverhampton Wanderers9-03,000
24 January 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyBurnley2-42,500
31 January 1891FA Cup 2nd roundDerby CountyThe Wednesday2-37,500
7 February 1891Football LeagueDerby CountySunderland3-13,500
12 September 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyAccrington3-16,000
19 September 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyNotts County3-010,000
3 October 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyAston Villa4-210,000
17 October 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyStoke3-35,000
24 October 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyEverton0-36,000
31 October 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyWolverhampton Wanderers2-17,000
21 November 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyDarwen7-04,000
5 December 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyPreston North End1-28,000
19 December 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyBurnley0-12,000
26 December 1891Football LeagueDerby CountyBolton Wanderers3-25,000
6 February 1892Football LeagueDerby CountyWest Bromwich Albion1-13,000
9 March 1892FA Cup semi-final 2nd replayWest Bromwich AlbionNottingham Forest6-212,000
19 March 1892Football LeagueDerby CountySunderland0-16,000
26 March 1892Football LeagueDerby CountyBlackburn Rovers1-18,000
10 September 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyPreston North End1-212,000
24 September 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyWest Bromwich Albion1-17,000
1 October 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyNottingham Forest2-39,000
19 October 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyNotts County4-55,000
22 October 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyBlackburn Rovers3-05,000
5 November 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyEverton1-67,000
26 November 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyWolverhampton Wanderers2-22,000
3 December 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyAccrington3-33,000
17 December 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyAston Villa2-15,000
24 December 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyStoke1-07,000
26 December 1892Football League Division OneDerby CountyBolton Wanderers1-17,000
30 January 1893

FA Cup 1st round replay

(match declared void)

Derby CountyThe Wednesday1-0
11 February 1893Football League Division OneDerby CountyNewton Heath5-14,000
25 March 1893Football League Division OneDerby CountyThe Wednesday2-25,000
8 April 1893Football League Division OneDerby CountySunderland1-17,000
9 March 1895Home ChampionshipEnglandIreland9-010,000
16 March 1895FA Cup semi-finalWest Browmich AlbionThe Wednesday2-025,013