Matches played at Newcastle Road, Sunderland


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
30 October 1886

FA Cup 1st round

(match declared void after protest)

SunderlandNewcastle West End2-1-
15 October 1887

FA Cup 1st round

(match replay ordered after protest)

SunderlandMorpeth Harriers4-2-
5 November 1887

FA Cup 2nd round

SunderlandNewcastle West End3-1-
3 December 1887

FA Cup 3rd round replay

(Sunderland disqualified for professionalism)

27 October 1888

FA Cup 2nd qualifying round

SunderlandElswick Rangers5-3-
10 November 1888

FA Cup 3rd qualifying round

SunderlandNewcastle East End2-0-
13 September 1890

Football League

15 September 1890

Football League

SunderlandWolverhampton Wanderers3-45,000
18 October 1890

Football League

1 November 1890

Football League

SunderlandBlackburn Rovers3-112,000
8 November 1890

Football League

SunderlandWest Bromwich Albion1-16,000
20 December 1890

Football League

10 January 1891

Football League

SunderlandAston Villa5-16,000
17 January 1891

FA Cup 1st round

24 January 1891

Football League

SunderlandNotts County4-05,000
10 February 1891

Football League

SunderlandBolton Wanderers2-06,000
14 February 1891

FA Cup quarter-final

SunderlandNottingham Forest4-019,000
7 March 1891Home ChampionshipEnglandWales4-115,000
14 March 1891Football LeagueSunderlandPreston North End3-04,000
21 March 1891Football LeagueSunderlandDerby County5-13,000
5 September 1891Football LeagueSunderlandWolverhampton Wanderers5-24,000
3 October 1891Football LeagueSunderlandEverton2-110,000
24 October 1891Football LeagueSunderlandWest Bromwich Albion4-07,000
31 October 1891Football LeagueSunderlandAccrington4-110,000
14 November 1891Football LeagueSunderlandDerby County7-15,000
21 November 1891Football LeagueSunderlandBurnley2-14,000
5 December 1891Football LeagueSunderlandNotts County4-05,000
12 December 1891Football LeagueSunderlandDarwen7-04,000
16 January 1892

FA Cup 1st round

(match declared void)

SunderlandNotts County3-016,000
23 January 1892FA Cup 1st round replaySunderlandNotts County4-012,000
20 February 1892FA Cup quarter-final replaySunderlandStoke4-09,000
1 March 1892Football LeagueSunderlandBolton Wanderers4-15,000
12 March 1892Football LeagueSunderlandPreston North End4-112,000
26 March 1892Football LeagueSunderlandAston Villa2-118,000
2 April 1892Football LeagueSunderlandStoke4-13,000
16 April 1892Football LeagueSunderlandBlackburn Rovers6-110,000
10 September 1892Football League Division OneSunderlandNotts County2-210,000
24 September 1892Football League Division OneSunderlandBlackburn Rovers5-08,000
1 October 1892Football League Division OneSunderlandStoke3-110,000
15 October 1892Football League Division OneSunderlandAccrington4-26,000
22 October 1892Football League Division OneSunderlandWest Bromwich Albion8-17,000
5 November 1892Football League Division OneSunderlandBurnley2-06,000
19 November 1892Football League Division OneSunderlandNottingham Forest1-05,000
17 December 1892Football League Division OneSunderlandPreston North End2-020,000
2 January 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandWolverhampton Wanderers5-27,000
3 January 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandEverton4-35,000
14 January 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandAston Villa6-07,000
21 January 1893FA Cup 1st roundSunderlandWoolwich Arsenal6-03,000
28 January 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandThe Wednesday4-210,000
14 February 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandBolton Wanderers3-36,000
11 March 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandDerby County3-16,000
4 April 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandNewton Heath6-05,000
9 September 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandAston Villa1-110,000
23 September 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandThe Wednesday1-13,000
14 October 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandStoke4-06,000
28 October 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandDerby County5-06,000
4 November 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandWolverhampton Wanderers6-08,000
25 November 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandWest Bromwich Albion2-16,000
6 December 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandNewton Heath4-15,000
9 December 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandBlackburn Rovers2-31,000
16 December 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandBurnley2-24,000
30 December 1893Football League Division OneSunderlandBolton Wanderers2-15,000
1 January 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandPreston North End6-312,000
20 January 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandSheffield United4-18,000
27 January 1894FA Cup 1st roundSunderlandAccrington3-04,000
6 February 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandEverton1-010,000
10 February 1894FA Cup 2nd roundSunderlandAston Villa



17 March 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandNottingham Forest2-08,000
27 March 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandDarwen4-03,000
1 September 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandDerby County8-08,000
8 September 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandBurnley3-07,000
22 September 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandWest Bromwich Albion3-08,000
6 October 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandStoke3-16,000
3 November 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandWolverhampton Wanderers2-06,000
17 November 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandBolton Wanderers4-08,500
24 November 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandLiverpool3-28,000
8 December 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandSmall Heath7-16,000
15 December 1894Football League Division OneSunderlandBlackburn Rovers3-28,000
1 January 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandPreston North End2-010,000
2 January 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandAston Villa4-412,000
5 January 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandNottingham Forest2-26,000
2 February 1895FA Cup 1st roundSunderlandFairfield11-11,500
16 February 1895FA Cup 2nd roundSunderlandPreston North End2-015,000
23 February 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandSheffield United2-07,000
26 February 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandThe Wednesday3-16,000
2 March 1895FA Cup quarter-finalSunderlandBolton Wanderers2-116,000
20 April 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandEverton2-116,000
2 September 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandPreston North End 4-17,000
7 September 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandBlackburn Rovers2-18,000
21 September 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandWolverhampton Wanderers2-26,000
28 September 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandBury0-03,000
2 November 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandDerby County2-27,000
9 November 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandAston Villa2-115,000
23 November 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandBolton Wanderers1-05,000
14 December 1895Football League Division OneSunderlandSmall Heath2-14,000
11 January 1896Football League Division OneSunderlandSheffield United1-13,000
25 January 1896Football League Division OneSunderlandWest Bromwich Albion7-110,500
1 February 1896FA Cup 1st roundSunderlandPreston North End4-113,700
8 February 1896Football League Division OneSunderlandNottingham Forest1-12,000
18 February 1896Football League Division OneSunderlandBurnley3-14,000
21 February 1896Football League Division OneSunderlandEverton3-07,000
7 March 1896Football League Division OneSunderlandThe Wednesday2-17,000
28 March 1896Football League Division OneSunderlandStoke4-13,000


Picture of Newcastle Road in 1899: