FA CUP 1886-87



Winners: Aston Villa

Runners-up: West Bromwich Albion

 Holders from previous season: Blackburn Rovers


First round
23 October 1886Astley Bridge3-3Burnley
30 October 1886Aston Unity1-4Derby County
30 October 1886Aston Villa13-0Wednesbury Old Athletic
30 October 1886Birmingham Excelsior3-3Derby Midland
30 October 1886Bishop Auckland Church Institute0-1Middlesbrough
23 October 1886Blackburn Olympic1-3Partick Thistle
9 October 1886Blackburn Park Road2-2Cliftonville
WalkoverBlackburn Rovers HalliwellScratched
30 October 1886Bollington2-8Oswestry Town
30 October 1886Bolton Wanderers5-3South Shore
16 October 1886Bootle2-4Great Lever
30 October 1886Burslem Port Vale1-1Davenham
30 October 1886Burton Swifts0-1Crosswell's Brewery
30 October 1886Casuals2-4Dulwich
WalkoverChatham Bournemouth RoversScratched
30 October 1886Chesham4-2Lyndhurst
23 October 1886Chirk8-1Hartford St John's
30 October 1886Church1-1Rawtenstall
30 October 1886Clapham Rovers0-6Old Brightonians
23 October 1886Clapton0-5Crusaders
30 October 1886Cleethorpes Town2-1Mellors
30 October 1886Darwen7-1Heart of Midlothian
23 October 1886Darwen Old Wanderers1-4Cowlairs
30 October 1886Derby St Luke's3-3Walsall Town
30 October 1886Fleetwood Rangers2-2Newton HeathNewton Heath refused to play extra time. Fleetwood awarded tie
30 October 1886Goldenhill4-2Macclesfield TownReplay ordered after protest
30 October 1886Hendon1-2London Caledonians
30 October 1886Horncastle2-0Darlington
23 October 1886Hotspur3-1Luton Town
23 October 1886Leek2-1Druids
23 October 1886Lincoln Lindum0-1Grantham
30 October 1886Lockwood Brothers1-0Long Eaton Rangers
30 October 1886Northwich Victoria10-0Furness Vale Rangers
30 October 1886Nottingham Forest3-0Notts Olympic
30 October 1886Notts County15-0Basford Rovers
23 October 1886Old Carthusians2-1Reading
30 October 1886Old Etonians1-0Royal Engineers
WalkoverOld Foresters CannonScratched
30 October 1886Old Harrovians0-4Old Westminsters
30 October 1886Old Wykehamists3-0Hanover United
23 October 1886Oswaldtwistle Rovers2-3Witton
30 October 1886Queen's Park, Glasgow0-3Preston North End
WalkoverRangers EvertonScratched
30 October 1886Redcar4-0Tyne Association
30 October 1886Renton1-0Accrington
23 October 1886Rochester0-2Marlow
30 October 1886Sheffield0-3Notts Rangers
30 October 1886Sheffield Heeley1-4Grimsby Town
30 October 1886Small Heath Alliance1-3Mitchell St George's
30 October 1886South Bank0-4Gainsborough Trinity
30 October 1886South Reading0-2Maidenhead
30 October 1886Staveley7-0Attercliffe
30 October 1886Stoke10-1Caernarvon Wanderers
30 October 1886Sunderland2-1Newcastle West End

Match declared void after protest from West End

23 October 1886Swifts13-0Luton Wanderers
23 October 1886Swindon Town1-0Watford Rovers
16 October 1886Third Lanark5-0Higher Walton
23 October 1886Upton Park9-01st Surrey Rifles
30 October 1886Wellington St George's0-1Derby Junction
30 October 1886West Bromwich Albion6-0Burton Wanderers
30 October 1886Wolverhampton Wanderers6-0Matlock
23 October 1886Wrexham Olympic1-4Crewe Alexandra
ByeLincoln City
ByeRotherham Town
30 October 1886Burnley2-2Astley BridgeFA disqualified Burnley after protest
13 November 1886Burslem Port Vale3-0Davenham
23 October 1886Cliftonville7-2Blackburn Park Road
13 November 1886Derby Midland2-1Birmingham Excelsior
13 November 1886Macclesfield Town2-3Goldenhill
13 November 1886Newcastle West End1-0Sunderland
13 November 1886Rawtenstall1-7Church
13 November 1886Walsall Town6-1Derby St Luke's
Second round
20 November 1886Aston Villa6-1Derby Midland
20 November 1886Chatham1-0Hotspur
20 November 1886Chesham1-7Old Etonians
20 November 1886Chester1-0GoldenhillFA disqualified Chester after protest
20 November 1886Cleethorpes Town1-4Lockwood Brothers
20 November 1886Crewe Alexandra6-4Stoke
WalkoverDarwen  Astley BridgeScratched
20 November 1886Derby County1-2Mitchell St George's
20 November 1886Grantham3-2Redcar
13 November 1886Great Lever1-3Cliftonville
20 November 1886Leek4-2Oswestry
20 November 1886Maidenhead2-3Dulwich
20 November 1886Marlow4-0Upton Park
20 November 1886Middlesbrough1-1Lincoln City
20 November 1886Newcastle West End2-6Gainsborough Trinity
13 November 1886Northwich Victoria0-0Chirk
13 November 1886Nottingham Forest2-2Grimsby Town
13 November 1886Notts County3-3Notts Rangers
16 November 1886Old Brightonians1-1Old Westminsters
13 November 1886Old Carthusians4-2Crusaders
20 November 1886Old Wykehamists0-1London Caledonians
20 November 1886Partick Thistle7-0Fleetwood Rangers
13 November 1886Preston North End6-0Witton
21 November 1886Rangers2-1Church
20 November 1886Renton2-2Blackburn Rovers
20 November 1886Rossendale2-10Cowlairs
20 November 1886Staveley4-0Rotherham Town
20 November 1886Swifts7-1Swindon Town
13 November 1886Third Lanark2-3Bolton Wanderers
20 November 1886West Bromwich Albion2-1Derby Junction
13 November 1886Wolverhampton Wanderers14-0Crosswell's Brewery
ByeBurslem Port Vale
ByeOld Forresters
ByeWalsall Town
4 December 1886Blackburn Rovers0-2Renton
20 November 1886Chirk3-0Northwich Victoria
20 November 1886Grimsby Town0-1Nottingham Forest
27 November 1886Lincoln City2-0Middlesbrough
20 November 1886Notts County5-0Notts Rangers 
20 November 1886Old Westminsters3-0Old Brightonians
Third round
11 December 1886Aston Villa2-2Wolverhampton Wanderers
11 December 1886Chatham1-4Old Forresters
11 December 1886Chirk0-0Goldenhill
4 December 1886Cliftonville0-11Partick Thistle
11 December 1886Darwen4-3Bolton Wanderers
11 December 1886Gainsborough Trinity2-2Lincoln City
9 December 1886Horncastle2-0Grantham
11 December 1886Leek2-2Burslem Port Vale
11 December 1886Lockwood Brothers2-1Nottingham Forest
11 December 1886Marlow3-0Dulwich
11 December 1886Old Carthusians0-0London Caledonians
11 December 1886Old Etonians0-3Old Westminsters
4 December 1886Rangers3-2Cowlairs
11 December 1886Renton0-2Preston North End
11 December 1886Staveley0-3Notts County
11 December 1886Walsall Town2-7 Mitchell St George's
ByeCrewe Alexandra
ByeWest Bromwich Albion
20 January 1887Burslem Port Vale1-3Leek
WalkoverChirk GoldenhillScratched
24 January 1887Lincoln City1-0Gainsborough Trinity
WalkoverOld Carthusians London CaledoniansScratched
15 January 1887Wolverhampton Wanderers1-1Aston Villa
2nd Replay
22 January 1887Wolverhampton Wanderers3-3Aston Villa
3rd Replay
29 January 1887Aston Villa2-0Wolverhampton Wanderers
Fourth round
29 January 1887Crewe Alexandra0-1Leek
15 January 1887Mitchell St George's0-1West Bromwich Albion
15 January 1887Swifts0-2Old Forresters
ByeAston Villa
ByeLincoln City
ByeLockwood Brothers
ByeNotts County
ByeOld Carthusians
ByeOld Westminsters
ByePartick Thistle
Bye Preston North End
Bye Rangers
Fifth round
5 February 1887Aston Villa5-0Horncastle
22 January 1887Chirk1-2Darwen
5 February 1887Leek0-2Old Carthusians
29 January 1887Lockwood Brothers0-1West Bromwich Albion


replay ordered following protests

29 January 1887Notts County5-2Marlow
29 January 1887Old Forresters0-3Preston North End
29 January 1887Old Wesminsters1-0Partick Thistle
29 January 1887Rangers3-0Lincoln City
12 February 1887West Bromwich Albion2-1Lockwood Brothers
12 February 1887Aston Villa3-2Darwen
19 February 1887Notts County1-4West Bromwich Albion
2 March 1887Old Carthusians1-2Preston North End
19 February 1887Rangers5-1Old Westminsters
5 March 1887Aston Villa3-1RangersPlayed at Alexandra Recreation Ground, Crewe
5 March 1887West Bromwich Albion3-1Preston North EndPlayed at Trent Bridge, Nottingham
2 April 1887Aston Villa2-0West Bromwich AlbionPlayed at Kennington Oval, London
15,500Hunter, Hodgetts Referee: Francis Marindin