FA CUP 1881-82



Winners: Old Etonians

Runners-up: Blackburn Rovers

 Holders from previous season: Old Carthusians


First round
WalkoverAccrington Queen's Park, GlasgowScratched
29 October 1881Acton0-0Finchley
29 October 1881Astley Bridge2-2Turton
Smith, 1 other not known
5 November 1881Aston Villa4-1Nottingham Forest
Whateley 2, Brown 2 Widdowson
5 November 1881Barnes3-1Rochester
not known not known
29 October 1881Blackburn Rovers9-1Blackburn Park Road
Brown 2, J Douglas, Wilson og, Avery, og, J Hargreaves, Strachan 2 Nuttall
22 October 1881Bolton Wanderers5-5Eagley
Atherton, Gleaves, Struthers, 2 ogs not known
5 November 1881 Bootle2-1Blackburn Law
Smith, Turner not known
29 October 1881Darwen3-1Blackburn Olympic
Bury, Rostron, Towers Weseley
WalkoverDreadnought Caius CollegeScratched
5 November 1881Esher Leopold0-5Old Carthusians
not known
5 November 1881Grantham6-0Brigg Town
not known
22 October 1881Henley0-2Maidenhead
not known
5 November 1881Herts Rangers0-4Swifts
EC Bambridge 4
5 November 1881Hotspur1-0Highbury Union
not known
22 October 1881Marlow3-1Brentwood
G Flint 2, R H Lunnon Bowen
5 November 1881Mosquitos1-1Pilgrims
A Comford Scott
WalkoverNotts County CalthorpeScratched
5 November 1881Old Etonians2-2Clapham Rovers
Goodhart, MacAuley Payne, Taylor
5 November 1881Old Foresters3-0Morton Rangers
not known
5 November 1881Olympic2-4Old Harrovians
not known not known
29 October 1881Reading5-0Hendon
Thompson 2, C Field, Franklin, Turner
WalkoverRomford RangersScratched
5 November 1881Royal Engineers6-0Kildare
not known
5 November 1881 Sheffield8-0Brigg Brittania
Marsden 3, E Barber, Beardshaw, J Bradbury, 2 others
17 October 1881Sheffield Heeley5-1Lockwood Brothers
Whitham 2, Ibbotson, Martin, Wild Beard
17 October 1881Small Heath Alliance4-1Derby Town
Slater 2, Hards, A James Shaw
29 October 1881Staveley5-1Spilsby
Wallace 2, Beresford 2, Kenyon not known
WalkoverSt Bart's Hospital WanderersScratched
5 November 1881The Wednesday2-0Providence
Cawley, Anthony
22 October 1881Upton Park3-0St Albans
Bastard, Lafone, Mitchell
5 November 1881Wednesbury Old Athletic9-1Mitchell St George's
not knwon not known
5 November 1881Wednesbury Strollers3-1Stafford Road
B Knowles, Bryan, Byrne Gowland
29 October 1881West End3-2Remnants
Elmslie 2, Black Deare, Hughes
22 October 1881 Windsor Home Park0-1Reading Minster
not known
22 October 1881Woodford Bridge1-1Reading Abbey
Overton Vaisley
ByeHanover United
12 November 1881 Acton4-0Finchley
Not known
19 November 1881Clapham Rovers0-1Old Etonians
not known
12 November 1881Eagley0-1Bolton Wanderers
12 November 1881 Pilgrims5-0Mosquitos 
not known
12 November 1881 Reading Abbey2-1Woodford Bridge
not known not known
12 November 1881 Turton1-1Astley Bridge 
not known not known
Second replay
19 November 1881Astley Bridge3-3Turtonplayed at Great Lever
not known not known
Third replay
26 November 1881Turton2-0Astley Bridge
H Howarth, J Howarth
Second round
19 November 1881Blackburn Rovers6-2Bolton Wanderers
Avery, McIntyre 2, Brown 2, Sharples Atherton, Struthers
26 November 1881Darwen3-1Accrington
Rostron 2, Marshall Yates
26 November 1881Hanover United1-3Upton Park
not known not known
3 December 1881Maidenhead2-1Actonaet
Blackwell, Green R Gray
30 November 1881Marlow2-0St Bart's Hospital
R A Lunnon,  R H Lunnon
24 November 1881Notts County5-3Wednesbury StrollersFA ordered replay after protest
H A Cursham 2, A W Cursham 2, Knowles (og) Parker 2, 1 other
3 December 1881Old Carthusians7-1Barnes
Page 2, Parry 2, Wynyward 2, Richards Sibbs
3 December 1881Old Foresters3-1Pilgrims
not known not known
26 November 1881Reading1-1West EndWest End disqualified
Field not known
26 November 1881Reading Abbey1-4Hotspur
not known not known
3 December 1881Reading Minster3-1Romford
not known not known
26 November 1881Sheffield0-4Sheffield Heeley 
Whitham 3, Swallow
28 November 1881Staveley3-1Grantham
not known not known
19 November 1881Swifts7-1Old Harrovians
E C Bambridge 5, Bain, Keyser Gray
3 December 1881Wednesdbury Old Athletic6-0Small Heath Alliance
Morley 3, Roberts, Reeves, 1 other
3 December 1881Turton4-0Bootle
Bentley 2, Hamer, J Haworth
ByeAston Villa
ByeOld Etonians
ByeRoyal Engineers
ByeThe Wednesday
10 December 1881Notts County11-1Wednesbury Strollers Played at Derby Cricket Ground
H A Cursham 6, C L Cursham, C F Dobson, A W Cursham 2, Bausor B Knowles
Third round
31 December 1881Aston Villa2-2Notts Countyaet
Davis, Whateley Bausor 2
17 December 1881Darwen4-1Turton
Kirkham, Marshall, Rostron, Towers J Haworth
17 December 1881Dreadnought1-2Marlow
not known Shaw, 1 other
17 December 1881Hotspur0-0Reading Minster
20 December 1881Old Carthusians0-2Royal Engineers
Williams, og
17 December 1881Old Etonians30Swifts
Dunn 2, MacAuley
29 December 1881 The Wednesday2-2Staveley
Rhodes, Cawley G Marples, H Marples
ByeBlackburn Rovers
ByeOld Foresters
ByeSheffield Heeley
Bye Upton Park  
Bye Wednesbury Old Athletic
26 December 1881Reading Minster0-2Hotspur
not known
7 January 1882Notts County2-2Aston Villaaet
Chapman, A W Cursham Brown, A Hunter
7 January 1882Staveley0-0The Wednesdayaet
2nd Replays
14 January 1882Aston Villa4-1Notts County
Hunter, Whateley, Brown, Dawson A W Cursham
9 January 1882The Wednesday5-1Staveley
Rhodes 4, Cawley H Marples
Fourth round
30 January 1882 Blackburn Rovers5-1Darwen
J Hargreaves 2, Brown, J Duckworth 2 og
WalkoverMarlow ReadingScratched
14 January 1882Old Etonians6-3Maidenhead 
Chitty 2, Anderson, MacAuley, Foley, 1 other Blackwell 2, Bailey
21 January 1882 Old Foresters21Royal Engineers
Burrows, Matthews Kincaid
21 January 1882The Wednesday3-1Sheffield Heeley 
Rhodes, Cawley, Mosforth not known
21 January 1882Upton Park5-0Hotspur
Barnett, Bastard, Mitchell, 2 others
21 January 1882Wednesbury Old Athletic4-2Aston Villa
G Woodcock 2, G Holdn, Morl Vaughton, A Hunter
11 February 1882Blackburn Rovers31Wednesbury Old Athletic 
Lofthouse, Avery, Strachan Growcutt
14 February 1882Old Foresters0-0Marlow
7 February 1882The Wednesday6-0Upton Park 
Cawley 3, Mosforth 2, Rhodes
Bye Old Etonians
18 February 1882Marlow1-0Old Foresters
6 March 1882Blackburn Rovers0-0The WednesdayPlayed at Fartown, Huddersfield
4 March 1882 Old Etonians5-0Marlow Played at Kennington Oval, London
Goodhart 3, Dunn, MacAuley
15 March 1882Blackburn Rovers5-1The WednesdayPlayed at Whalley Range, Manchester
J Hargreaves, Avery, J Douglas, og, Suter Suter og
25 March 1882Old Etonians1-0Blackburn RoversPlayed at Kennington Oval, London

GK: John Rawlinson

DF: Thomas French

DF: Percy de Paravicini

MF: Hon Arthur Kinnaird

MF: Charles Foley

MF: Philip Novelli

FW: Arthur Dunn

FW: Reginald MacAuley

FW: Harry Goodhart

FW: John Chevalier

FW: William Anderson

GK: Roger Howarth  DF: Hugh McIntyre

DF: Fergus Suter

MF: Fred Hargreaves

MF: Harold Shaples

MF: John Hargreaves

FW: Geoffrey Avery

FW: James Brown

FW: Thomas Strachan

FW: Jimmy Douglas

FW: John Duckworth


John Charles Clegg

In the final, played at Kennington Oval on 25 March 1882, Old Etonians met Blackburn Rovers, who were the first team from outside London and the home counties to appear in an FA Cup Final.


Blackburn Rovers included England internationals, Fred Hargreaves and his brother, John, and Jimmy Brown.


The Old Boys dominated the early stages of the match but Rovers defended well until, according to the match report in Gibbons' "Association Football in Victorian England", "... following an expert through ball by Dunn, Macaulay steered the ball between the Blackburn goalposts to secure a well-deserved half-time lead..."


However, a tribute in The Times (1937) states MacAuley was fond of recalling he outpaced the Blackburn players and helped towards the goal, without claiming to have scored it.


Other reports identify the scorer differently: Bell's Life in LondonThe Field and The Times stated it was Anderson, the first two detailing the ball had been successively passed to him by MacAuley and Dunn, while The Sporting Life states the ball was centred "to the front of the posts" by Novelli before it was kicked "out of a brief and loose bully" (i.e. a scrimmage) by an unnamed player.


The time at which the goal was reportedly scored also varies: eight minutes from the start by Bell's Life, ten minutes by The Sportsman, and "a quarter of an hour's play" by The Sporting Life. 


The Old Etonians were able to prevent Blackburn from scoring in the second half, thus claiming the cup for the second time in three years.


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