FA CUP 1878-79



Winners: Old Etonians

Runners-up: Clapham Rovers

 Holders from previous season: Wanderers


First round
19 October 1878Barnes1-1Maidenhead 
 Dorling   Tilley 
9 November 1878Brentwood1-3Pilgrims 
 Sparham   Mott 2, Grieve 
9 November 1878Cambridge University2-0Hertfordshire Rangers 
 Harvey, Wild     
WalkoverClapham Rovers   FinchleyScratched
WalkoverDarwen   Birch ManchesterScratched
2 November 1878Forest School7-2Rochester 
 not known   not known 
9 November 1878Grey Friars2-1Great Marlow 
 not known   not known 
WalkoverMinerva   105th RegimentScratched
16 November 1878Notts County1-3Nottingham Forest 
 Owen   Turner, Goodyer, Smith 
2 November 1878Old Harrovians8-0Southall 
 Howell 2, Lowis 2, Prior 2, Colbeck, Hadow     
2 November 1878Oxford University7-0Old Wednesbury 
 not known     
WalkoverPanthers   RunnymedeScratched
9 November 1878Reading1-0Hendon 
WalkoverRemnants   UnityScratched
2 November 1878Romford3-1Ramblers 
 Barnes, Lyon, Thirlwell   Andrews 
9 November 1878Royal Engineers3-0Old Forresters 
 not known     
28 October 1878Sheffield1-1Grantham 
 Sorby   Hutchinson 
WalkoverSouth Norwood   LeytonScratched
9 November 1878Swifts2-1Hawks 
 WS Bambridge, Turner   Ram 
30 October 1878Upton Park5-0Saffron Walden 
 Mitchell 2, J Hunter, W Williams, 1 other     
9 November 1878Wanderers2-7Old Etonians 
 Kenrick, 1 other   Calvert, Goodhart, Lyttleton, Novelli 2, Sedgwick, 1 other  
9 November 1878Maidenhead0-4Barnes 
     Wylie 2, Chamberlain, Hudson 
18 November 1878Grantham1-3Sheffield 
 Britten   J Barber 2, J Willey 
Second round
4 January 1879Barnes3-2Upton Parkaet
 Johnstone 2, Chamberlain   Bastard, J Hunter 
4 December 1878Cambridge University3-0South Norwood 
 Jarvis, Martin, Wild     
7 December 1878Clapham Rovers10-1Forest School 
 Payne 2, Scott 2, Smith 2, Stanley, Giles, Growse   Shaw 
7 December 1878Eagley0-0Darwen 
7 December 1878Grey Friars0-3Minerva 
     Bain, Hearn, Turner 
21 December 1878Nottingham Forest2-0Sheffield 
 Smith, Moss (og)     
21 December 1878Old Harrovians3-0Panthers 
 Prior 2, others 1     
7 December 1878Oxford University4-0Royal Engineers 

Childs 2, Mulholland, Page

18 December 1878Reading0-1Old Etonians 
     not known 
21 December 1878Remnants6-2Pilgrims 
 Parry 4, E Hawtrey, Keyser   Grieve, Wohgeluth 
21 December 1878Swifts3-1Romford 
 EG Bambridge 2, Parry   Lyon 
21 December 1878Darwen4-1Eagley 
 Love 2, Gledhill, Marshall   Sarples 
Third round
6 February 1879Clapham Rovers1-0Cambridge Universityaet
11 January 1879Old Etonians5-2Minerva 
 Sturgis 3, Goodhart 2   Thompson, Ware 
28 January 1879Old Harrovians0-2Nottingham Forest 
     Widdowson, Welch (og) 
2 Febuary 1879Oxford University2-1Barnes 
 Blaine, others 1   Dorling 
30 January 1879Remnants2-3Darwenaet
 E Hawtrey 2   Love 2, Bury 
8 March 1879Clapham Rovers8-1Swifts 
 Bailey 2, Scott 2, Rawso, Stanley, og, 1 other   Bain 
25 February 1879Nottingham Forest2-1Oxford University 
 Goodyer, Smith   Blaine 

13 February 1879

Old Etonians5-5Darwenread more about the matches here
 Goodhart 3, Christian, Whitfield   Love, og, 3 others Played at Kennington Oval, London
8 March 1879Darwen2-2Old Etoniansaet
 Kirkham, Bury   Clerke, WhitfieldPlayed at Kennington Oval, London 
Second Replay
15 March 1879Old Etonians6-2Darwen Played at Kennington Oval, London
 Goodhart 2, Sedgwick 2, Clerke, Whitfield   Marshall, F Suter 
 22 March 1879Old Etonians2-1Nottingham ForestPlayed at Kennington Oval, London
 Whitfield, Clerke   Bishop 
ByeClapham Rovers     
29 March1879Old Etonians1-0Clapham RoversPlayed at Kennington Oval, London
5,000Clerke (59)     


GK: John Purvis Hawtrey

DFEdward Christian 
DFLindsay Bury 
MFHon Arthur Kinnaird 
MFEdgar Lubbock 
MFCharles Clerke 
FWNorman Pares 
FWHarry Goodhart 
FWHerbert Whitfeld 
FWJohn Chevallier 
FWH Mark Beaufoy


GKReginald Birkett 
DFRobert Ogilvie 
DFEdgar Field 
MFNorman Bailey 
MFJames Prinsep 
MFFrederick Rawson 
FWArthur J Stanley 
FWStanley Scott 
FWHerbert Bevington 
FWEdward Growse 
FWCecil Keith-Falconer


 C W Alcock


Match Summary

Although Clapham dominated the early stages of the final, with Norman Bailey having two attempts on target, Herbert Whitfeld continued to run at the Clapham defenders with little assistance from his colleagues. After a goalless first-half, the only goal of the game came after 59 minutes, when Charles Clerke scored from close range following a run from Harry Goodhart.


The Old Etonians thus claimed the cup for the first time in what was considered to be "the poorest FA Cup Final to date".