1st win

27 April 19081st finalManchester United1-1Queen's Park Rangers1st final
Stamford Bridge, London Meredith   Cannon12,000
29 August 1908ReplayManchester United4-0Queen's Park Rangers  
Stamford Bridge, London J. Turnbull 3, Wall    10,000
1908-09NEWCASTLE UNITED     1st win 

 28 April 1909

1st finalNewcastle United2-0Northampton Town1st final
Stamford Bridge, London Allan, Rutherford    7,000
1909-10Match not played      
1910-11BRIGHTON & HOVE ALBION   1st win 

5 September 1910

1st finalBrighton & Hove Albion1-0Aston Villa1st final
Stamford Bridge, London Webb (72)    15,000
1911-12MANCHESTER UNITED   2nd win 

25 September 1911

2nd finalManchester United8-4Swindon Town1st final
Stamford Bridge, London Halse 6, Turnbull, Wall   Fleming, Wheatcroft, Tout, Jefferson 10,000
1912-13BLACKBURN ROVERS   1st win 

4 May 1912

1st finalBlackburn Rovers2-1Queen's Park Rangers2nd final
White Hart Lane, London Aitkenhead 2   Revill 7,100
1913-14PROFESSIONALS    1st win 

6 October 1913

1st finalProfessionals7-2Amateurs1st final
The Den, London Hampton 4, Holley 2, Fleming   Barlow, Farnfield20,000
1914-19Competition suspended due to First World War      
1919-20WEST BROMWICH ALBION   1st win 
15 May 19201st finalWest Bromwich Albion2-0Tottenham Hotspur1st final
White Hart Lane, London Smith 2    38,168
1920-21TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR   1st win 
16 May 19212nd finalTottenham Hotspur2-0Burnley1st final
White Hart Lane, Loindon Bliss, Cantrell    18,000
1921-22HUDDERSFIELD TOWN   1st win 
10 May 1922

1st final

Huddersfield Town1-0Liverpool1st final
Old Trafford, Manchester Wilson    20,000
1922-23Match not played      
1923-24PROFESSIONALS    2nd win 
8 October 19232nd finalProfessionals2-0Amateurs2nd final
Stamford Bridge, London Bradford, Chambers     12,000
1924-25PROFESSIONALS    3rd win 
6 October 19243rd finalProfessionals3-1Amateurs3rd final
Highbury, London Walker 2. Buchan   Kail10,000
1925-26AMATEURS    1st win 
5 October 19254th finalAmateurs6-1Professionals4th final
White Hart Lane, London Ashton 4, Macey 2   Hannaford5,000
1926-27AMATEURS    2nd win 
6 October 19265th finalAmateurs6-3Professionals5th final
Maine Road, Manchester Minter 2, Macey 2, Kail, Keeping (og)   Rawlings 2, Tunstall4,000
1927-28CARDIFF CITY   1st win 
12 October 1927

1st final

Cardiff City2-1Corinthians1st final
Stamford Bridge, London Ferguson, Davies   Ashton 16,500

1st win

24 October 19281st finalEverton2-1Blackburn Rovers2nd final
Old Trafford, Manchester Dean 2   Thornewell4,000
1929-30PROFESSIONALS    4th win 
7 October 19296th finalProfessionals3-0Amateurs6th final
The Den, London Seed, Chandler, Pease    6,000
1930-31ARSENAL   2nd win 
8 October 19311st finalArsenal2-1Sheffield Wednesday1st final
Stamford Bridge, London


Hulme, Jack   Burgess (pen) 18,000
1931-32ARSENAL   3rd win 
7 October 19312nd finalArsenal1-0West Bromwich Albion2nd final
Villa Park, Birmingham Bastin    21,276
1932-33EVERTON   2nd win 
12 October 19322nd finalEverton5-3Newcastle United2nd final
St James's Park, Newcastle Dean 4, Johnson   McMenemy 2, Boyd15,000
1933-34ARSENAL   4th win 
18 October 19333rd finalArsenal3-0Everton3rd final
Goodison Park, Liverpool Birkett 2, Bowdon    20,000
1934-35ARSENAL   5th win 
28 November 19344th finalArsenal4-0Manchester City1st final
Highbury, London Birkett, Marshall, Drake, Bastin    10,888
1935-36SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY   1st win 
23 October 19352nd finalSheffield Wednesday1-0Arsenal5th final
Highbury, London Dewar    13,500
1936-37SUNDERLAND   1st win 
28 October 19361st finalSunderland2-1Arsenal6th final
Roker Park, Sunderland Burbanks, Carter   Kirchen30,000
1937-38MANCHESTER CITY   1st win 
3 November 19372nd finalManchester City2-0Sunderland2nd final
Maine Road, Manchester Herd, Doherty    14,000
1938-39ARSENAL   5th win 
26 September 19387th finalArsenal2-1Preston North End1st final
Highbury, London Drake 2   R. Beattie35,000
1939-48Competition suspended due to Second World War      
1948-49ARSENAL   6th win 
6 October 1948

8th final

Arsenal4-3Manchester United3rd final
Highbury, London Lewis 2, Jones, Rooke   Rowley, Burke, Mitten31,000
1949-50Trophy shared for 6 months      
19 October 19491st finalPortsmouth1-1Wolverhampton Wanderers1st final
Highbury, London Reid    Hancocks (pen)35,140
1950-51ENGLAND WORLD CUP XI   1st win 
20 September 19501st finalEngland World Cup XI4-2FA Canadian Touring team1st final
Stamford Bridge, London Mannion, Mortensen, Baily, Mullen   Johnstone, Lofthouse38,468
1951-52TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR   8th win 
24 September 19512nd finalTottenham Hotspur2-1Newcastle United3rd final
White Hart Lane, London Murphy, Bennett   Milburn 27,760
1952-53MANCHESTER UNITED   3rd win 
24 September 19524th finalManchester United4-2Newcastle United4th final
Old Trafford, Manchester Rowley 2, Byrne, Downie   Keeble 211,381
1953-54ARSENAL   7th win 
12 October 19539th finalArsenal3-1Blackpool1st final
Highbury, London Lishman 2, Lawton   Mortensen39,853
1954-55Trophy shared for 6 months      
29 September 19542nd finalWolverhampton Wanderers4-4West Bromwich Albion3rd final
Molineux, Wolverhampton Swinbourne 2, Deeley, Hancocks   Allen 3, Ryan45,035

1st win

14 September 19551st finalChelsea3-0Newcastle United5th final
Stamford Bridge, London McMichael (og), Bentley, Blunstone    12,802
1956-57MANCHESTER UNITED   4th win 
24 October 19565th finalManchester United1-0Manchester City3rd final
Maine Road, Manchester Viollett    30,495
1957-58MANCHESTER UNITED   5th win 
22 October 19576th finalManchester United4-0

Aston Villa

1st final
Old Trafford, Manchester Taylor 3, Berry (pen)    27,923
1958-59BOLTON WANDERERS   1st win 
6 October 19581st finalBolton Wanderers4-1Wolverhampton Wanderers3rd final
Burnden Park, Bolton Hill, Bannister, Lofthouse 2   Dunandt15,596
15 August 19594th finalWolverhampton Wanderers3-1Nottingham Forest1st final
Molineux, Wolverhampton Murray, Boradbent, Lill   Wilson39,834
1960-61Trophy shared for 6 months      
13 August 19603rd finalBurnley2-2Wolverhampton Wanderers5th final
Turf Moor, Burnley Miller, Connelly    Deeley, Murray19.873
1961-62TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR   3rd win 
12 August 19613rd finalTottenham Hotspur3-2FA XI1st final
White Hart Lane, London Allen 2, Smith   Haynes, Byrne36,593
1962-63TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR   4th win 
11 August 19624th finalTottenham Hotspur5-1Ipswich Town1st final
Portman Road, Ipswich Smith, Greaves 2, White, Medwin   Stephenson20,067
1963-64EVERTON   3rd win 
17 August 19634th finalEverton4-0Manchester United7th final
Goodison Park, Liverpool Gabriel, Stevens, Vernon (pen), Temple    54,840
1964-65Trophy shared for 6 months      
15 August 19642nd finalLiverpool2-2West Ham United1st final
Anfield, Liverpool Wallace, Byrne   Byrne, Hurst38,858
1965-66Trophy shared for 6 months      
14 August 19658th finalManchester United2-2Liverpool3rd final
Old Trafford, Manchester Best, Herd   Stevenson, Yeats48,502
1966-67LIVERPOOL   1st win 
13 August 19664th finalLiverpool1-0Everton5th final
Goodison Park, Liverpool Hunt    63,329
1967-68Trophy shared for 6 months      
12 August 19679th finalManchester United3-3Tottenham Hotspur5th final
Old Trafford, Manchester Charlton 2, Law   Robertson, Jennings, Saul54,106
1968-69MANCHESTER CITY   2nd win 
3 August 19684th finalManchester City6-1West Bromwich Albion4th final
Maine Road, Manchester Owen 2, Lee 2, Lovett (og), Young   Krzywicki35,510
1969-70LEEDS UNITED   1st win 
2 August 19691st finalLeeds United2-1Manchester City5th final
Elland Road, Leeds Gray, Charlton   Bell39,835
1970-71EVERTON   4th win 
8 August 19706th finalEverton2-1Chelsea2nd final
Stamford Bridge, London Whittle, Kendall   Hutchinson43,547
1971-72LEICESTER CITY   1st win 
7 August 19711st finalLeicester City1-0Liverpool5th final
Filbert Street, Leicester Whitworth    25,104
1972-73MANCHESTER CITY   3rd win 
5 August 19726th finalManchester City1-0Aston Villa3rd final
Villa Park, Birmingham Lee (pen)    34,859
1973-74BURNLEY   2nd win 
18 August 19734th finalBurnley1-0Manchester City7th final
Maine Road, Manchester Waldron    23,988
1974-75LIVERPOOL   2nd winLiverpool win 6-5 on pens.
10 August 19746th finalLiverpool1-1Leeds United2nd final
Wembley Stadium, London Boersma   Cherry67,000
1975-76DERBY COUNTY   1st win 
9 August 19751st finalDerby County2-0West Ham United2nd final
Wembley Stadium, London Hector, McFarland    59,000
1976-77LIVERPOOL   3rd win 
14 August 19767th finalLiverpool1-0Southampton1st final
Wembley Stadium, London Toshack    76,500
1977-78Trophy shared for 6 months      
13 August 19778th finalLiverpool0-0Manchester United10th final
Wembley Stadium, London      82,000
1978-79NOTTINGHAM FOREST   1st win 
12 August 19782nd finalNottingham Forest5-0Ipswich Town2nd final
Wembley Stadium, London O'Neill 2. Withe, Lloyd, Roberston    68,000
1979-80LIVERPOOL   4th win 
11 August 19799th final


3-1Arsenal10th final
Wembley Stadium, London McDermott 2, Dalglish   Sunderland92,000
1980-81LIVERPOOL   5th win 
9 August 198010th finalLiverpool1-0West Ham United2nd final
Wembley Stadium, London McDermott    90,000
1981-82Trophy shared for 6 months      
22 August 19814th finalAston Villa2-2Tottenham Hotspur6th final
Wembley Stadium, London Withe 2   Falco 292,500
1982-83LIVERPOOL   6th win 
21 August 198211th finalLiverpool1-0Tottenham Hotspur7th final
Wembley Stadium, London Rush    82,500
1983-84MANCHESTER UNITED   6th win 
20 August 198311th finalManchester United2-0Liverpool12th final
Wembley Stadium, London Robson 2    92,000
1984-85EVERTON   4th win 
18 August 19847th finalEverton1-0Liverpool13th final
Wembley Stadium, London Grobbelaar (og)    100,000
1985-86EVERTON   5th win 
10 August 19858th finalEverton2-0Manchester United12th final
Wembley Stadium, London Steven, Heath    82,000
1986-87Trophy shared for 6 months      
16 August 19869th finalEverton1-1Liverpool14th final
Wembley Stadium, London Heath   Rush88,231
1987-88EVERTON   6th win 
1 August 198710th finalEverton1-0Coventry City1st final
Wembley Stadium, London Clarke    88,000
1988-89LIVERPOOL   7th win 
20 August 198815th finalLiverpool2-0Wimbledon1st final
Wembley Stadium, London Aldridge 2    54,000
1989-90LIVERPOOL   8th win 
12 August 198916th finalLiverpool1-0Arsenal11th final
Wembley Stadium, London Beardsley    63,149
1990-91Trophy shared for 6 months      
18 August 199017th finalLiverpool1-1Manchester United13th final
Wembley Stadium, London Barnes (pen)   Blackmore66,558
1991-92Trophy shared for 6 months      
10 August 199112th finalArsenal0-0Tottenham Hotspur8th final
Wembley Stadium, London      65,483
1992-93LEEDS UNITED   2nd win 
8 August 19923rd finalLeeds United4-3Liverpool18th final
Wembley Stadium, London Cantona 3, Dorigo   Rush, Saunders, Strachan (og)61,291
1993-94MANCHESTER UNITED   7th winManchester United win 5-4 on pens.
7 August 199314th finalManchester United1-1Arsenal13th final
Wembley Stadium, London Hughes   Wright66,519
1994-95MANCHESTER UNITED   8th win 
14 August 199415th finalManchester United2-0Blackburn Rovers3rd final
Wembley Stadium, London Cantona (pen), Ince    60,402
1995-96EVERTON   8th win 
13 August 199511th finalEverton1-0Blackburn Rovers4th final
Wembley Stadium, London Samways    40,149
1996-97MANCHESTER UNITED   9th win 
11 August 199616th finalManchester United4-0Newcastle United6th final
Wembley Stadium, London Cantona, Butt, Beckham, Keane    73,214
1997-98MANCHESTER UNITED   10th winManchester United win 4-2 on pens.
3 August 199717th finalManchester United1-1Chelsea3rd final
Wembley Stadium, London Johnsen   Hughes73,636
1998-99ARSENAL   8th win 
9 August 199814th finalArsenal3-0Manchester United18th final
Wembley Stadium, London Overmars, Wreh, Anelka    67,342
1999-2000ARSENAL   9th win 
1 August 199915th finalArsenal2-1Manchester United19th final
Wembley Stadium, London Kanu, Parlour   Yorke70,185
2000-01CHELSEA   2nd win 
13 August 2000

4th final

Chelsea2-0Manchester United20th final
Wembley Stadium, London Hasselbaink, Melchiot    65,148
2001-02LIVERPOOL   9th win 
12 August 200119th finalLiverpool2-1Manchester United21st final
Millenium Stadium, Cardiff McAllister (pen), Owen   van Nistelrooy70,227
2002-03ARSENAL   10th win 
11 August 200216th finalArsenal1-0Liverpool20th final
Millenium Stadium, Cardiff Silva    67,337
2003-04MANCHESTER UNITED   11th winManchester United win 4-3 on pens.
10 August 200322nd finalManchester United1-1Arsenal17th final
Millenium Stadium, Cardiff Silvestre   Henry59,293
2004-05ARSENAL   11th win 
8 August 200418th finalArsenal3-1Manchester United23rd final
Millenium Stadium, Cardiff Gilberto, Reyes, Silvestre (og)   Smith63,317
2005-06CHELSEA   3rd win 
7 August 20055th finalChelsea2-1Arsenal19th final
Millenium Stadium, Cardiff Drogba 2   Fabregas58,014
2006-07LIVERPOOL   10th win 
13 August 200621st finalLiverpool2-1Chelsea6th final
Millenium Stadium, Cardiff Riise, Crouch   Shevchenko56,275
2007-08MANCHESTER UNITED   12th winManchester United win 3-0 on pens.
5 August 200724th finalManchester United1-1Chelsea
7th final
 Wembley Stadium, London Giggs    Malouda 80,731 
2008-09MANCHESTER UNITED   13th winManchester United win 3-1 on pens.
10 August 200825th finalManchester United0-0Portsmouth2nd final
Wembley Stadium, London      84,808
2009-10CHELSEA   4th winChelsea win 4-1 on pens.
9 August 20098th finalChelsea2-2Manchester United26th final
Wembley Stadium, London Cavalho, Lampard    Nani, Rooney85,896
2010-11MANCHESTER UNITED     14th win 
8 August 201027th finalManchester United3-1Chelsea9th final 
 Wembley Stadium, London Valencia, Hernandez, Berbatov    Kalou 84,623 
2011-12MANCHESTER UNITED   15th win 
7 August 201128th finalManchester United3-2Manchester City8th final
Wembley Stadium, London Smalling, Nani 2   Lescott, Dzeko77,169
2012-13MANCHESTER CITY   4th win 
12 August 20129th finalManchester City3-2Chelsea10th final
Villa Park, Birmingham Toure, Tevez, Nasri   Torres, Bertrand36,394
2013-14MANCHESTER UNITED   16th win 
11 August 201329th finalManchester United2-0Wigan Athletic1st final
Wembley Stadium, London van Persie 2    80,235
2014-15ARSENAL   12th win 
10 August 201420th finalArsenal3-0Manchester City10th final
Wembley Stadium, London Cazorla, Ramsey, Giroud    71,523
2015-16ARSENAL   13th win 
2 August 201521st finalArsenal1-0Chelsea11th final
Wembley Stadium, London Oxlade-Chamberlain (24)    85,437
2016-17MANCHESTER UNITED   17th win 
7 August 201630th finalManchester United2-1Leicester City2nd final
Wembley Stadium, London Lingard (32), Ibrahimovic (83)   Vardy (52)85,437
2017-18ARSENAL   14th winArsenal win 3-1 on pens.
6 August 201722nd finalArsenal1-1Chelsea12th final
Wembley Stadium, London Kolasinac (82)   Moses (46)83,325
2018-19MANCHESTER CITY   5th win 
5 August 201811th finalManchester City2-0Chelsea12th final
Wembley Stadium, London Aguero 2 (13, 58)    72,724
2019-20MANCHESTER CITY   6th winManchester City won 5-4 on pens.
4 August 201912th finalManchester City1-1Liverpool22nd final
Wembley Stadium, London Sterling (12)   Matip (77) 
2020-21ARSENAL   15th winArsenal won 5-4 on pens.
27 August 202023rd finalArsenal1-1Liverpool23rd final
Wembley Stadium, London Aubameyang (12)   Minamino (73) 
   2nd win
7 August 2021
3rd finalLeicester City1-0Manchester City12th final
Wembley Stadium, London Ihenacho (pen - 89)    45,602
LIVERPOOL   11th win 
30 July 202222nd finalLiverpool3-1Manchester City13th final
King Power Stadium, Leicester Alexander-Arnold (21), Salah (pen - 83), Nunez (90+4)   Alvarez (70)28,545
2023-24ARSENAL   16th winArsenal won 4-1 on pens.
6 August 202324th finalArsenal1-1Manchester City14th final
Wembley Stadium, London Trossard (90+11)   Palmer (77) 





1897-98Trophy shared for 6 months      
19 March 18981st finalCorinthians0-0Sheffield United1st final
Crystal Palace, London      25,000
4 April 1898ReplayCorinthians1-1Sheffield United 
Crystal Palace, London Foster   Almond8,000
1898-99Trophy shared for 6 months      
11 March 18991st finalAston Villa0-0Corinthians2nd final
Crystal Palace, London      12,000
1899-1900CORINTHIANS   1st win 
8 November 18993rd finalCorinthians2-1Aston Villa2nd final
Crystal Palace,London Foster 2   Garratty7,000
1900-01ASTON VILLA   1st win 
2 March 19013rd finalAston Villa1-0Corinthians4th final
Crystal Palace, London Athersmith    7,000
1901-02TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR   1st win 
1 March 19021st finalTottenham Hotspur5-2Corinthians5th final
White Hart Lane, London Cameron 3, 1 goal 'forced through', Brown   Morgan-Owen 215,000
1902-03SUNDERLAND   1st win 
28 February 19031st finalSunderland3-0Corinthians6th final
White Hart Lane, London Miller 2, Hewitt    5,000
1903-04CORINTHIANS   2nd win 
5 March 19047th finalCorinthians10-3Bury1st final
Queen's Club, Kensington Harris 8, Day 2   Plant, Sagar, Swann4,000
1904-05THE WEDNESDAY   1st win 
24 April 19051st finalThe Wednesday2-1Corinthians8th final
Crystal Palace, London Wilson 2   Harris15,000
1905-06LIVERPOOL   1st win 
28 April 19061st finalLiverpool5-1Corinthians9th final
Craven Cottage, London Hewitt 3, Raybould, Hunt (og)   Harris20,000
1906-07NEWCASTLE UNITED   1st win 
9 March 19071st finalNewcastle United5-2Corinthians10th final
Craven Cottage, London Rutherford, Appleyard, Brown 2, og   Young, Harris30,000
1930-31ARSENAL   1st win 
22 April 19311st finalArsenal5-3Corinthians11th final
Highbury, London John, Hulme 2, Lambert 2   Creek, Hegan, Shearer12,000
1932-33ARSENAL   2nd win 
26 October 19322nd finalArsenal9-2Corinthians12th final
Highbury, London John, Hulme, Jack, Coleman 5, Bastin    Shearer, Ashton (pen)9,493
1933-34TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR   2nd win 
2 May 19343rd finalTottenham Hotspur7-4Corinthians13th final
White Hart Lane, London O'Callaghan 2, Hunt 3, Evans 2   Cooper 2, Collins, Channel (og) 5,117
1964-65ARSENAL   3rd win 
14 October 19643rd finalArsenal7-0Corinthian Casuals14th final
Crystal Palace Recreation Centre, London Anderson 3, Strong 2, J. Baker, Armstong    c. 500 
1965-66ARSENAL   4th win 
21 September 19654th finalArsenal5-2Corinthian Casuals15th final
Highbury, London Skirton, Radcliff, Baldwin 2, Sammuels   Hunt, Joyce 2,670
1966-67WATFORD   1st win 
3 October 19661st finalWatford7-0Corinthian Casuals16th final
Vicarage Road, Watford Bond 3 (1 pen), Garbett 2, Scullion, Welbourne    933
1982-83WATFORD   2nd win 
28 March 19832nd finalWatford6-1Corinthian Casuals17th final
Vicarage Road, Watford Sterling 2, Johnson, Lohmann, Richardson, Terry    3,686