Matches played at 2nd Celtic Park (Parkhead), Glasgow


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
20 August 1892Scottish LeagueCelticRenton4-3-
10 September 1892Scottish LeagueCelticAbercorn3-2-
1 October 1892Scottish LeagueCelticClyde3-1-
5 November 1892Scottish LeagueCelticHeart of Midlothian5-0-
26 November 1892Scottish FA Cup 1st roundCelticLinthouse3-1-
17 December 1892Scottish FA Cup 2nd roundCeltic5th Kirkcudbrightshire Rifle Volunteers7-0-
21 January 1893Scottish FA Cup quarter-final Celtic3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers5-1-
4 February 1893Scottish FA Cup semi-finalCelticSt Bernard's5-0-
18 March 1893Scottish LeagueCelticDumbarton5-1-
25 March 1893Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland6-112,000
8 April 1893Inter-League matchScottish LeagueEnglish League3-431,500
29 April 1893Scottish LeagueCelticRangers3-0-
2 May 1893Scottish LeagueCelticSt Mirren4-1-
9 May 1893Scottish LeagueCelticLeith Athletic3-1-
18 May 1893Scottish LeagueCeltic3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-5-
12 August 1893Scottish League Division OneCeltic3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers5-0-
23 August 1893Scottish League Division OneCelticLeith Athletic4-1-
26 August 1893Scottish League Division OneCelticDumbarton0-0-
14 October 1893Scottish League Division OneCelticSt Bernard's5-2-
4 November 1893Scottish League Division OneCelticDundee3-1-
25 November 1893Scottish FA Cup final stage 1st roundCelticHurlford6-0-
2 December 1893Scottish League Division OneCelticRenton3-2-
16 December 1893Scottish FA Cup final stage 2nd roundCelticAlbion Rovers7-0-
13 January 1894Scottish FA Cup quarter-finalCelticSt Bernard's8-1-
27 January 1894Inter League matchScottish LeagueIrish League6-03,000
10 February 1894Scottish League Division OneCelticSt Mirren5-1-
24 February 1894Scottish League Division OneCelticRangers3-2-
10 March 1894Scottish League Division OneCelticHeart of Midlothian2-3-
7 April 1894Home ChampionshipScotlandEngland2-245,017
18 August 1894Scottish League Division OneCelticSt Bernard's5-25,000
22 August 1894Scottish League Division OneCelticRangers5-316,000
20 October 1894Scottish League Division OneCelticDumbarton6-02,000
3 November 1894Scottish League Division OneCelticHeart of Midlothian0-224,000
22 December 1894Scottish League Division OneCelticSt Mirren2-26,000
23 February 1895Scottish League Division OneCeltic3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers4-45,000
9 March 1895Scottish FA Cup semi-final 2nd replayDundeeRenton0-3-
16 March 1895Scottish League Division OneCelticLeith Athletic4-02,000
30 March 1895Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland3-115,000
13 April 1895Inter League matchScottish LeagueEnglish League1-430,000
27 April 1895Scottish League Division OneCelticClyde2-05,000
4 May 1895Scottish League Division OneCelticDundee2-1-
15 February 1896Inter League matchScottish LeagueIrish League3-25,000
18 January 1896Scottish FA Cup 1st roundCelticQueen's Park2-4-
4 April 1896Home ChampionshipScotlandEngland2-157,000
2 April 1898Home ChampionshipScotlandEngland1-340,000
25 March 1899Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland9-112,000
1 April 1899Inter League matchScottish LeagueEnglish League1-435,000
7 April 1900Home ChampionshipScotlandEngland4-163,000
23 February 1901Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland11-015,000
26 April 1902Scottish FA Cup finalHibernianCeltic1-016,000
14 March 1903Inter League matchScottish LeagueEnglish League0-339,000
21 March 1903Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland0-217,000
11 April 1903Scottish FA Cup finalRangersHeart of Midlothian1-130,000
18 April 1903Scottish FA Cup final replayRangersHeart of Midlothian0-035,000
25 April 1903Scottish FA Cup final 2nd replayRangersHeart of Midlothian2-030,000
9 April 1904Home ChampionshipScotlandEngland0-145,000
18 March 1905Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland4-035,000
16 March 1907Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland3-026,000
27 February 1909Inter League matchScottish LeagueEnglish League3-146,000
18 March 1911Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland2-032,000
12 April 1913Scottish FA Cup finalFalkirkRaith Rovers2-045,000
28 February 1914Home ChampionshipScotlandWales0-010,000
20 March 1915Inter League matchScottish LeagueEnglish League1-430,000
13 March 1920Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland3-039,757
17 April 1920Scottish FA Cup finalKilmarnockAlbion Rovers3-295,000
16 April 1921Scottish FA Cup finalPartick ThistleRangers1-028,294
4 March 1922Home ChampionshipScotlandNorthern Ireland2-140,000
1 March 1924Home ChampionshipScotlandNorthern Ireland2-030,000
22 February 1930Home ChampionshipScotlandNorthern Ireland3-131,808
16 September 1933Home ChampionshipScotlandNorthern Ireland1-227,135
28 March 1969British Amateur ChampionshipScotlandEngland1-5-
3 August 1978Anglo-Scottish Cup Scottish qualifiers 1st legCelticClyde2-110,000
12 September 1978Anglo-Scottish Cup quarter-final 2nd legCelticBurnley1-228,000
2 April 1997World Cup qualifierScotlandAustria2-043,295
11 October 1997World Cup qualifierScotlandLatvia2-047,613
16 May 1998Scottish FA Cup finalHeart of MidlothianRangers2-148,946
28 November 1998Scottish League Cup finalRangersSt Johnstone2-145,533
31 March 1999European Championship qualifierScotlandCzech Republic1-244,513
2 September 2006European Championship qualifierScotlandFaroe Islands6-050,059
14 November 2014European Championship qualifierScotlandRepublic of Ireland1-059,239
18 November 2014International friendlyScotlandEngland1-349,526