Matches played at Boghead Park, Dumbarton


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
20 March 1875Scottish FA Cup semi-finalQueen's ParkClydesdale0-0not known
3 April 1875Scottish FA Cup semi-final replayDumbartonRenton0-1not known
16 August 1890Scottish LeagueDumbartonCowlairs1-1-
30 August 1890Scottish LeagueDumbartonHeart of Midlothian3-1-
13 September 1890Scottish LeagueDumbartonRangers5-1-
11 October 1890Scottish LeagueDumbartonAbercorn5-1-
24 January 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonCambuslang5-0-
21 February 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonCeltic2-2-
28 February 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonVale of Leven4-0-
7 March 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonSt Mirren5-1-
28 March 1891Scottish LeagueDumbarton3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers5-1-
22 August 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonAbercorn8-1-
12 September 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonLeith Athletic6-0-
19 September 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonHeart of Midlothian5-1-
17 October 1891Scottish LeagueDumbarton3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-0-
24 October 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonSt Mirren4-2-
14 November 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonClyde8-2-
28 November 1891Scottish FA Cup 1st roundDumbartonThistle (Glasgow)4-00
12 December 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonVale of Leven8-0-
26 December 1891Scottish LeagueDumbartonRenton2-1-
23 January 1892Scottish FA Cup quarter-finalDumbartonQueen's Park2-2-
26 March 1892Scottish LeagueDumbartonCambuslang5-2-
23 April 1892Scottish LeagueDumbartonCeltic1-0-
20 August 1892Scottish LeagueDumbartonSt Mirren1-2-
10 September 1892Scottish LeagueDumbartonLeith Athletic2-1-
24 September 1892Scottish LeagueDumbarton3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers1-2-
15 October 1892Scottish LeagueDumbartonCeltic0-3-
22 October 1892Scottish LeagueDumbartonAbercorn5-1-
21 January 1893Scottish FA Cup 2nd roundDumbartonRangers0-1-
4 March 1893Scottish LeagueDumbartonRenton1-1-
1 April 1893Scottish LeagueDumbartonHeart of Midlothian5-1-
15 April 1893Scottish LeagueDumbartonClyde3-1-
22 April 1893Scottish LeagueDumbartonRangers3-0-
1 January 1949Scottish Football League Division OneMortonSt Mirren1-4not known