Matches played at the Anfield, Liverpool


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
29 October 1887FA Cup 1st round replayEvertonBolton Wanderers2-2-
12 November 1887FA Cup 1st round 2nd replayEvertonBolton Wanderers1-1-
19 November 1887

FA Cup 1st round 3rd replay

(Everton disqualified for fielding ineligible player)

EvertonBolton Wanderers2-1-
18 February 1888FA Cup semi-finalPreston North EndCrewe Alexandra4-09,000
8 September 1888Football LeagueEvertonAccrington2-18,000
15 September 1888Football LeagueEvertonNotts County2-17,000
6 October 1888Football LeagueEvertonAston Villa2-010,000
27 October 1888Football LeagueEvertonDerby County6-25,000
3 November 1888Football LeagueEvertonBolton Wanderers2-18,000
24 November 1888Football LeagueEvertonBurnley3-26,000
1 December 1888Football LeagueEvertonWest Bromwich Albion1-45,000
12 January 1889Football LeagueEvertonStoke2-16,000
19 January 1889Football LeagueEvertonPreston North End0-215,000
9 February 1889Football LeagueEvertonWolverhampton Wanderers1-26,000
2 March 1889Home ChampionshipEnglandIreland6-16,500
30 March 1889Football LeagueEvertonBlackburn Rovers3-17,000
7 September 1889Football LeagueEvertonBlackburn Rovers3-212,000
14 September 1889Football LeagueEvertonBurnley2-111,000
28 September 1889Football LeagueEvertonBolton Wanderers3-010,000
30 September 1889Football LeagueEvertonWolverhampton Wanderers1-14,000
26 October 1889Football LeagueEvertonAccrington2-29,000
2 November 1889Football LeagueEvertonStoke8-012,000
16 November 1889Football LeagueEvertonPreston North End1-518,000
7 December 1889Football LeagueEvertonNotts County5-35,000
4 January 1890Football LeagueEvertonAston Villa7-010,000
18 January 1890FA Cup 1st roundEvertonDerby County11-2-
8 March 1890Football LeagueEvertonWest Bromwich Albion5-110,000
15 March 1890Football LeagueEvertonDerby County3-010,000
13 September 1890Football LeagueEvertonWolverhampton Wanderers5-010,000
4 October 1890Football LeagueEvertonDerby County7-05,000
18 October 1890Football LeagueEvertonBolton Wanderers2-012,000
25 October 1890Football LeagueEvertonWest Bromwich Albion2-38,000
15 November 1890Football LeagueEvertonSunderland1-015,000
29 November 1890Football LeagueEvertonBlackburn Rovers3-111,000
26 December 1890Football LeagueEvertonAccrington3-216,000
27 December 1890Football LeagueEvertonBurnley7-38,000
1 January 1891Football LeagueEvertonAston Villa5-010,000
3 January 1891Football LeagueEvertonNotts County4-213,000
10 January 1891Football LeagueEvertonPreston North End0-116,000
7 September 1891Football LeagueEvertonDarwen5-37,000
19 September 1891Football LeagueEvertonBlackburn Rovers3-116,000
10 October 1891Football LeagueEvertonPreston North End1-116,000
7 November 1891Football LeagueEvertonWest Bromwich Albion4-310,000
28 November 1891Football LeagueEvertonAston Villa5-18,000
12 December 1891Football LeagueEvertonWolverhampton Wanderers2-110,000
25 December 1891Football LeagueEvertonSunderland0-416,000
2 January 1892Football LeagueEvertonBurnley1-14,000
16 January 1892

FA Cup 1st round

(match declared void)

23 January 1892FA Cup 1st round replayEvertonBurnley1-310,000
5 March 1892Football LeagueEvertonStoke1-06,000
19 March 1892Football LeagueEvertonAccrington3-08,000
15 April 1892Football LeagueEvertonDerby County1-212,000
16 April 1892Football LeagueEvertonNotts County4-010,000
18 April 1892Football LeagueEvertonBolton Wanderers2-511,500
29 October 1892FA Cup 2nd qualifying roundLiverpoolNewtown9-1-
9 September 1893Football League Division TwoLiverpoolLincoln City4-05,000
23 September 1893Football League Division TwoLiverpoolSmall Heath3-18,000
7 October 1893Football League Division TwoLiverpoolMiddlesbrough Ironopolis6-06,000
4 November 1893Football League Division TwoLiverpoolNewcastle United5-15,000
18 November 1893Football League Division TwoLiverpoolNotts County2-16,000
2 December 1893Football League Division TwoLiverpoolArdwick3-04,000
9 December 1893Football League Division TwoLiverpoolWalsall Town Swifts3-05,000
30 December 1893Football League Division TwoLiverpoolGrimsby Town2-03,000
1 January 1894Football League Division TwoLiverpoolWoolwich Arsenal2-05,000
13 January 1894Football League Division TwoLiverpoolRotherham Town5-14,000
27 January 1894FA Cup 1st roundLiverpoolGrimsby Town3-08,000
3 February 1894Football League Division TwoLiverpoolNorthwich Victoria4-04,000
10 February 1894FA Cup 2nd roundLiverpoolPreston North End3-218,000
3 March 1894Football League Division TwoLiverpoolBurton Swifts3-18,000
24 March 1894Football League Division TwoLiverpoolCrewe Alexandra2-03,000
14 April 1894Football League Division TwoLiverpoolBurslem Port Vale2-15,000
8 September 1894Football League Division OneLiverpoolAston Villa1-215,000
13 September 1894Football League Division OneLiverpoolBolton Wanderers1-26,000
22 September 1894Football League Division OneLiverpoolBlackburn Rovers2-214,000
6 October 1894Football League Division OneLiverpoolSheffield United2-28,000
20 October 1894Football League Division OneLiverpoolStoke2-07,000
3 November 1894Football League Division OneLiverpoolBurnley0-36,000
17 November 1894Football League Division OneLiverpoolEverton2-230,000
1 December 1894Football League Division OneLiverpoolWolverhampton Wanderers3-37,000
15 December 1894Football League Division OneLiverpoolSmall Heath3-13,000
1 January 1895Football League Division OneLiverpoolWest Bromwich Albion4-012,000
12 January 1895Football League DIvision OneLiverpoolNottingham Forest5-05,000
11 February 1895FA Cup 1st round replayLiverpoolBarnsley St Peter's4-04,000
16 February 1895FA Cup 2nd roundLiverpoolNottingham Forest0-24,000
2 March 1895Football League Division OneLiverpoolDerby County5-112,000
25 March 1895Football League Division OneLiverpoolSunderland2-320,000
30 March 1895Football League Division OneLiverpoolThe Wednesday4-25,000
20 April 1895Football League Division OneLiverpoolPreston North End2-514,000
28 September 1895Football League Division TwoLiverpoolBurslem Port Vale5-13,000
30 September 1895Football League Division TwoLiverpoolBurton Wanderers4-13,000
7 October 1895Football League Division TwoLiverpoolCrewe Alexandra6-13,000
12 October 1895Football League Division TwoLiverpoolNewton Heath7-110,000
26 October 1895Football League Division TwoLiverpoolNotts County3-06,000
9 November 1895Football League Division TwoLiverpoolLeicester Fosse3-14,500
23 November 1895Football League Division TwoLiverpoolDarwen0-04,000
7 December 1895Football League Division TwoLiverpoolLoughborough1-01,000
1 January 1896Football League Division TwoLiverpoolManchester City3-120,000
11 January 1896Football League Division TwoLiverpoolWoolwich Arsenal3-05,000
25 January 1896Football League Division TwoLiverpoolLincoln City6-14,000
1 February 1896FA Cup 1st roundLiverpoolMillwall Athletic4-110,000
18 February 1896Football League Division TwoLiverpoolRotherham Town10-12,000
22 February 1896Football League Division TwoLiverpoolGrimsby Town3-17,000
21 March 1896Football League Division TwoLiverpoolBurton Swifts6-14,000
18 April 1896Football League Test MatchLiverpoolSmall Heath4-020,000
25 April 1896Football League Test MatchLiverpoolWest Bromwich Albion2-020,000
27 March 1905Home ChampionshipEnglandWales3-116,100
28 March 1908FA Cup semi-finalNewcastle UnitedFulham6-045,571
16 October 1911Inter League matchEnglish LeagueIrish League4-012,000
30 March 1912FA Cup semi-finalWest Bromwich AlbionBlackbun Rovers



19 Novembe 1919Inter League matchEnglish LeagueIrish League2-220,000
19 March 1921FA Cup semi-finalCardiff CityWolverhampton Wanderers0-041,892
13 March 1922Home ChampionshipEnglandWales1-030,000
19 January 1925FA Cup 1st round 2nd replayCardiff CityDarlington2-022,465
20 October 1926Home ChampionshipEnglandNorthern Ireland3-320,000
6 December 1926FA Cup 1st round 2nd replayWrexhamNew Brighton3-110,973
23 March 1929FA Cup semi-finalBolton WanderersHuddersfield Town3-139,000
19 January 1931FA Cup 3rd round 2nd replayManchester UnitedStoke City4-211,788
18 November 1931Home ChampionshipEnglandWales3-115,000
5 May 1951Home Youth ChampionshipEnglandIreland5-2-
19 January 1955FA Cup 3rd round 3rd replayStoke CityBury



9 May 1959Home Youth ChampionshipEnglandNorthern Ireland


27 November 1963International under-23 matchEnglandWest Germany


15 August 1964FA Charity ShieldLiverpoolWest Ham United2-238,858
20 August 1971Football League Division OneManchester UnitedArsenal3-127,649
10 May 1973UEFA Cup final 1st legLiverpoolBorussia Moenchengladbach3-041,169
28 April 1976UEFA Cup final 1st legLiverpoolFC Bruges3-250,188
29 November 1976FA Cup 1st round 2nd replayPreston North EndCrewe Alexandra3-07,334
12 October 1977World Cup qualifierWalesScotland0-250,850
25 February 1981International under-21 matchEnglandRepublic of Ireland1-05,882
17 September 1985Screen Sports Super Cup Group 2LiverpoolSouthampton2-116,189
3 December 1985Screen Sports Super Cup Group 2LiverpoolTottenham Hotspur2-014,855
6 May 1986Screen Sports Super Cup semi-final 2nd legLiverpoolNorwich City3-126,690
16 September 1986Screen Sports Super Cup final 1st legLiverpoolEverton3-120,660
17 November 1989FA Cup 1st roundMarineRochdale0-13,525
13 December 1994International 'B' matchEnglandRepublic of Ireland2-07,431
11 June 1996European Championships group stageItalyRussia2-135,120
14 June 1996European Championships group stageCzech RepublicItaly2-137,320
19 June 1996European Championships group stageRussiaCzech Republic3-321,128
22 June 1996European Championships quarter-finalFrance The Netherlands



(5-4 on pens)

24 March 2001World Cup qualifierEnglandFinland2-144,262
17 April 2002International friendlyEnglandParaguay4-042,713
1 March 2006International friendlyEnglandUruguay2-140,013