Matches played at 1st Ibrox Park, Glasgow


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
9 March 1889Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland7-06,000
15 February 1890Scottish FA Cup finalQueen's ParkVale of Leven1-111,000
22 February 1890Scottish FA Cup final replayQueen's ParkVale of Leven2-113,000
16 August 1890Scottish LeagueRangersHeart of Midlothian5-2-
4 October 1890Scottish LeagueRangersSt Mirren8-2-
18 October 1890Scottish LeagueRangersCowlairs1-1-
13 December 1890Scottish FA Cup 5th round 2nd replayCelticRoyal Albert2-0not known
21 February 1891Scottish LeagueRangersCambuslang2-1-
14 March 1891Scottish LeagueRangersAbercorn2-0-
4 April 1891Scottish LeagueRangersVale of Leven4-0-
25 April 1891Scottish LeagueRangersDumbarton4-2-
2 May 1891Scottish LeagueRangersCeltic1-2-
9 May 1891Scottish LeagueRangers3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers4-1-
19 December 1891Scottish FA Cup 2nd roundRangersKilmarnock0-0-
29 August 1891Scottish LeagueRangers3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-3-
26 September 1891Scottish LeagueRangersAbercorn6-2-
17 October 1891Scottish LeagueRangersCambuslang2-1-
24 October 1891Scottish LeagueRangersClyde1-5-
21 November 1891Scottish LeagueRangersHeart of Midlothian0-1-
28 November 1891Scottish FA Cup 1st roundRangersSt Bernard's5-1-
30 January 1892Scottish FA Cup quarter-finalRangersAnnbank2-0-
13 February 1892Scottish LeagueRangersVale of Leven7-0-
12 March 1892

Scottish FA Cup final

(decreed a friendly after protests by both teams)

CelticQueen's Park1-040,000
19 March 1892Scottish LeagueRangersRenton5-2-
2 April 1892Home ChampionshipScotlandEngland1-420,000
9 April 1892Scottish FA Cup final replayCelticQueen's Park5-1-
16 April 1892Scottish LeagueRangersLeith Athletic3-2-
7 May 1892Scottish LeagueRentonCeltic1-1-
10 May 1892Scottish LeagueRentonSt Mirren2-3-
27 August 1892Scottish LeagueRangersLeith Athletic3-2-
3 September 1892Scottish LeagueRangersDumbarton3-2-
24 September 1892Scottish LeagueRangersCeltic2-2-
15 October 1892Scottish LeagueRangersSt Mirren0-0-
22 October 1892Scottish LeagueRangersClyde4-2-
26 November 1892Scottish FA Cup 1st roundRangersAnnbank7-0-
4 February 1893Scottish LeagueRangersAbercorn4-3-
25 February 1893Scottish FA Cup finalQueen's ParkCeltic0-118,771
11 March 1893Scottish FA Cup final replayQueen's ParkCeltic2-113,239
1 April 1893Scottish LeagueRangers3rd Lanark Rifle Volunteers2-1-
15 April 1893Scottish LeagueRangersRenton2-0-
6 May 1893Scottish LeagueRangersHeart of Midlothian2-1-
20 April 1895Scottish FA Cup finalSt Bernard'sRenton2-110,000
27 March 1897Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland5-115,000