Matches played at 1st Hampden Park, Glasgow


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance
25 October 1873Scottish FA Cup 1st roundQueen's ParkDumbreck7-0not known
13 December 1873Scottish FA Cup semi-finalQueen's ParkRenton2-0not known
21 March 1874Scottish FA Cup finalQueen's ParkClydesdale2-02,500
27 March 1875Scottish FA Cup semi-final replayQueen's ParkClydesdale2-2not known 
10 April 1875Scottish FA Cup finalQueen's ParkRenton3-07,000
13 April 1877Scottish FA Cup final 2nd replayVale of LevenRangers3-27,500
2 March 1878International friendlyScotlandEngland7-210,000
23 March 1878International friendlyScotlandWales9-06,000
30 March 1878Scottish FA Cup finalVale of LevenThird Lanark Rifle Volunteers1-05,000
19 April 1879Scottish FA Cup finalVale of LevenRangers1-19,000
13 March 1880International friendlyScotlandEngland5-412,000
27 March 1880International friendlyScotlandWales5-12,000
11 March 1882Home ChampionshipScotlandEngland5-110,000
25 March 1882Home ChampionshipScotlandWales5-05,000
31 March 1883Scottish FA Cup finalDumbartonVale of Leven2-215,000
7 April 1883Scottish FA Cup final replayDumbartonVale of Leven2-112,000
1 December 1883FA Cup 2nd roundQueen's ParkManchester15-0-
19 January 1884FA Cup 4th round Queen's ParkAston Villa6-1-
6 December 1884FA Cup 2nd roundQueen's ParkCrewe Alexandra2-1-
17 January 1885FA Cup 4th roundQueen's ParkOld Wykehamists7-0-
28 February 1885FA Cup quarter-final replayQueen's ParkNotts County2-1-
31 October 1885FA Cup 1st roundQueen's Park Partick Thistle5-1-
27 March 1886Home ChampionshipScotlandEngland1-111,000
10 April 1886Home ChampionshipScotlandWales4-15,500
30 October 1886FA Cup 1st roundQueen's ParkPreston North End0-3-
19 February 1887Home ChampionshipScotlandIreland4-11,000
17 March 1888Home ChampionshipScotlandEngland0-510,000



Site of the 1st Hampden Park as it is today



The Pavilion at the 1st Hampden Park, circa 1878