Matches played at Barley Bank, Darwen


Date of matchType of matchName of teamName of teamScoreAttendance

7th November 1877

FA Cup 1st roundDarwenManchester3-0-

29th December 1877

FA Cup 2nd roundDarwenSheffield0-1-

21st December 1878

FA Cup 2nd round replayDarwenEagley4-1-

13th November 1880

FA Cup 1st roundDarwenBrigg8-0-

5th February 1881

FA Cup 4th roundDarwenThe Wednesday5-2-

5th March 1881

FA Cup quarter-finalDarwenRomford15-0-

29th October 1881

FA Cup 1st roundDarwenBlackburn Olympic3-1-

26th November 1881

FA Cup 2nd roundDarwenAccrington3-1-

17th December 1881

FA Cup 3rd roundDarwenTurton4-1-

21st October 1882

FA Cup 1st roundDarwenBlackburn Park Road4-1-

2nd December 1882

FA Cup 2nd roundDarwenBlackburn Rovers1-0-

20th January 1883

FA Cup 3rd round replayDarwenChurch0-2-

27th October 1883

FA Cup 1st roundDarwenChurch2-2-

1st December 1883

FA Cup 2nd roundDarwenBlackburn Olympic1-2-

11th October 1884

FA Cup 1st roundDarwenBradshaw11-0-

31st October 1885

FA Cup 1st roundDarwenDerby Junction2-2-

7th November 1885

FA Cup 1st round replayDarwenDerby Junction4-0-

30th October 1886

FA Cup 1st round DarwenHeart of Midlothian7-1-

11th December 1886

FA Cup 3rd roundDarwenBolton Wanderers4-3-

26th November 1887

FA Cup 3rd roundDarwenWitton1-1-

5th December 1887

FA Cup 2nd roundDarwenChurch2-0-

17th December 1887

FA Cup 4th roundDarwenNotts Rangers3-1-

7th January 1888

FA Cup 5th round DarwenBlackburn Rovers0-3-

16th November 1889

FA Cup 3rd qualifying roundDarwenHalliwell4-1-

17th January 1891

FA Cup 1st roundDarwenKidderminster3-12,500

24th January 1891

FA Cup 1st round replayDarwenKidderminster13-0400

31st January 1891

FA Cup 2nd roundDarwenSunderland0-25,000